"Quality Assurance In Tech Startups" - I think it is very vital. Do you?

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    KalyanChandrapuposted 19 months ago

    "Quality Assurance In Tech Startups" - I think it is very vital. Do you?

    One of the biggest challenge for any startup that is dependent on technology (Web or Mobile or a Product) to service its end-customer is the thought around whether they should invest in Quality Assurance and if yes, how much they should invest into ensuring that the applications they build to service the end customer is off desirable Quality. Whilst for some it is a lack of understanding of why Quality is required, for the remainder it is a matter of affordability although they would want to deliver better applications. Either ways, they end up delivering poor quality applications.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 18 months ago

    I can quote both Scott Adams and several business gurus on this - the product has to work well enough to meet customer needs and not break when they are using it as long as it is expected to work.
    Beyond that, quality is an expensive luxury. No one cares about Six Sigma quality for a cheap item, and perfect products with a bad design or too high a price point won't sell.