I am being charge for unemployment fraud and I was offered a job that could pay

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    carolynreed1posted 16 months ago

    I am being charge for unemployment fraud and I was offered a job that could pay whatever back. help

    I was charged with fruad and misrepresentation plus falsefying documents. I was told I was being charge with an felony.I was starting a new job and contacted unemployment where we set up payment arrangements.I never got a chance to pay because the company let go of people before their 90 days. I sent  in all the information they asked me for only to find out the company I worked for previous lied about when I was let go.I also found out later that my ex was getting SSI and told me he wasn't. I was offered a job that would help pay back whatever I owe but I need a clearance but scared to go.

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    Cissy1946posted 16 months ago

    Right off hand I'd say your in a boatload of trouble. If you don't already have a lawyer, get one immediately. Preferably one who specializes. It will be worth the cost. A girl I used to know did the same sort of thing and once many years ago. This was in Northern Virginia and they not only showed up at her place of employment and arrested her and took her to Richmond, the capital of Virginia, because it was fraud against the state, not something local. Her parents mortgaged their home to bail her out of jail, hire an attorney, and repay the state. Unfortunately it didn't do much good because the cost of living difference between Northern Virginia and Richmond was so different that the judge was incensed at what she paid in rent calling her extravagant and gave her an 18 month sentence even though it was a first offense and the money had been returned. The upside is she was placed on a work release program so she was able to keep her job--but it didn't require a clearance.
    I know it's hard sometimes when things in your life begin to take a downward turn and you feel you're drowning but no matter how tempting it is to misrepresent yourself in order to get ahead you need to keep in mind that people get caught everyday. Not everyone and maybe not the people who 'deserve' to get caught but this is a very dangerous form of gambling and you set yourself up to lose much more than money when you become a participant. Good luck and get that lawyer...