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passive income

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    jayanthiramsposted 10 years ago

    In this article we are discussing creating a passive income
    online. Investment of time and money is initially required
    to build a passive income online, then possibly minimal
    work thereafter.

    Types of passive income streams to build online:

    1. Affiliate Programs - passive income is derived from
    setting up a web site that presells a companies’ products.
    The parent company provides the products, tracks the sales
    and gives you a commission for each sale.

    2. Information Products - the web is great place to create
    an ebook that explains 'How to" information ie How to start
    an online business, How to buy a car without getting ripped
    off..anything that makes life easier for people.

    3. Creating software products - if you have a good idea for
    a software product that will help people do something
    faster, easier or teach them something, then you may have a

    4. Advertising commissions - if you have a web site that
    attracts 1000s of visitors a day from the search engines,
    you can offer to place a banner or link on your site for a
    fee that you collect each month.

    5. Pay Per Click Campaigns - you can make money instantly
    by setting up a Google AdWords campaign for your product or
    affiliate program.

    6. Referrals - create a network of people that offer
    services or products related to your business. Ask for a
    commission every time you refer someone.

    7. Create a membership site - if you are an expert in your
    field and can provide the resources, knowledge and support,
    you can charge a monthly fee to gain access to your
    membership site.

    8. Become a Reseller - by reselling other people's services
    you can earn ongoing residual income.

    Conclusion: Building multiple passive income streams is a
    great way to secure yourself for the future.

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      mahiektaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I wish to know more.


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    charlemontposted 10 years ago

    I believe the possibilities for online income are literally endless. It's all about creativity and ability to test and tweak. Some people cry out loud that AdSense is dead - I don't believe them. AdSense just got smarter, and Search Engines did as well. Auto-generated websites aren't as profitable as they used to be, and those who didn't change their attitude to AdSense game, have all the reasons to believe in the death of AdSense, indeed.
    Eventually Quality content, Quality traffic equals good payouts.

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    vrajehrcposted 10 years ago

    MY opinion also same