How I start a businesses

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    Hassam Awanposted 3 months ago

    How I start a businesses

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    wheelinalloverposted 2 months ago

    Figure out what you enjoy doing. There are thousands of ways to start small businesses with very little capital. If you plan on being in business long term it must be based on something you are passionate about.

    Something to think about. If you are physically able it is best to have an offline (in person) business within the area of your passion. Marketing online now though can be done for a low cost.

    Through Facebook today alone, I saw a dog walking business, A house painting business, A handyman service, A tree farm, and a woman selling hand made gloves, scarfs, and sweaters.

    On another site I frequent I saw people selling, creating videos for others, GIF's for others, and content creators for websites and content. 

    For three years at the beginning of my working life, my first business was digging holes and trenches by hand. The second was a handyman service. The third a construction company, fourth a roofing company. I spent two years tutoring college students. It wasn't until I wasn't physically capable that I started working online.

    In many cases it isn't what you know, it is who you know. Think of what you enjoy doing and find out if there is a need for it in your local area. You can only do this by meeting people and finding out what they need.