What advice can you give on starting a business? (Weekly Topic Inspiration)

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  1. Simone Smith profile image90
    Simone Smithposted 11 years ago

    What advice can you give on starting a business? (Weekly Topic Inspiration)

    Are you an entrepreneur? Have you ever dreamed of starting your own company someday? What have you learned in the process, or what useful knowledge have you gained from your research? Share your findings as part of this week’s Weekly Topic Inspiration! For search-friendly title ideas and group support, stop by our forum thread: http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/97057


  2. Viviannie profile image60
    Viviannieposted 11 years ago

    The most important for me is to THINK BIG. There is no use in starting a business if you think at a small scale. You should think it big even from beginning and make small steps towards the big picture.
    I also find useful watching "The Apprentice" reality show, hosted by Donald Trump. You have a lot to learn from him.
    Good luck!

  3. LocalMarketingYMB profile image41
    LocalMarketingYMBposted 11 years ago

    Having gained a wealth of hands on knowledge and experience I started my first business in 2004 ona £1,400.00 credit card from home. I turned that into a £400,000.00 a year business. Now I run my second business YMB-YorkshireMarketingBusiness.com and I now have clients in many markets from textiles to property. If I can share just one peice of advice to anyone thinking about starting their own business, home based or bricks & mortar. Do your research WELL, understand your niche FULLY but above all make sure that you HAVE a VERY STONG DESIRE to SUCEED. Without these you will be more likely to fail than not. Any advice I'm more than happy to help anyone serious minded person with ideas and clarity on what could happen if this that and the other route were to be taken.

    To everyones success.

    Steve Swift from YMB. UK

    1. profile image0
      Lizam1posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Steve that's very impressive.

  4. sparklelynn profile image59
    sparklelynnposted 11 years ago

    Hi I saw your question and thought I'd tell you what I did to start mine. I went and looked at what other people were not offering and I did a general census. My company was a nanny care company. Right now I'm a stay at home mom so business is slowed down but before my son I built my company from the ground up. I'm based out of ohio. The first major thing I did after knowing what I wanted to do was got incorporated thats very important. This protects you and your assets from any clients you have doing anything to your personal finances. The next thing is branding your company. I had business cards printed up with my company name and my number and my email. I would leave these cards where there was a good traffic flow. For my company great traffic flow is any where parents and children are. The other thing I did was learn about my competition, for instance in ohio there is not a hugh need for nannies so I was competing with daycares. I offered families things that daycares couldn't like coming to the clients house no matter how far to take care of their kids. This was a big plus for parents because their kids got to stay in there own homes. I did all the errands that the clients needed me to take care of for their kids. Also when I added people to work for my company I sub contracted them with my company it was better for my business and them as well. I also would go and visit each client I had to make sure things ran smoothly. When my company would get a new client I would interview the family to make sure that the care giver was a right fit for the family and I always had a contract with every client and sub contracted employee of mine to cover myself and everyone else. That is also very important. My company has gone on for over six and a half years. It's the personal touches and that extra mile in your company that you are willing to do to make it work. It's worth it mostly because it's yours and you built it. I hope this helped.

  5. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 11 years ago

    I would say be realistic.  Know what the market needs and will bear.  In other words one might have a dream of owning a little bookstore but reality is that you can get books at Amazon for what the owner pays for the product so it is very difficult to get the business going and maintain it as profitable.

    Be prepared to provide something unique, but also know if you were to start a small business and it was tremendously successful, the guy down the road will look and say - hey look what he's doing, I want to do that.  Then he opens a similar business and your profit drops by 50%.

    Have the assets to maintain the business for at least a year because it takes a long time for a business to succeed.

    Know what you want to provide whether sales or service and know what you need to keep the business going.  You do not want surprises once you get it started.

  6. farmloft profile image71
    farmloftposted 11 years ago

    What do you need to learn to do as a small business owner? Consider these important tips. read more

  7. profile image0
    Wearmanyhatsposted 11 years ago

    There were many good ideas here, but I think making a basic business plan really helps keep a smart business owner focused. It takes time and energy, but planning is vital to any business. A good business plan doesn't have to be fancy, but it should be written by the owner as a tool to keep good goals, stay on top of the competition, and have a comprehenisve marketing outline.

  8. brittanytodd profile image91
    brittanytoddposted 11 years ago

    Starting an online business is easy in today's society because of the numerous online platforms that allow you to sell items to people all over the world. There are many ways to go about selling things online, but how do you start an online business? This article will provide you with a checklist that will assure your online business is successful. read more

  9. profile image0
    Lizam1posted 11 years ago

    I have started, stopped and re-started businesses.  I have learned that the most important step is planning and the second most important step is to remain focused.

  10. Melovy profile image92
    Melovyposted 11 years ago

    Three small businesses selling quality and organic produce are thriving in spite of the recession. This article looks at what might be the secrets behind their success and includes and interview with "The Chocolate Tree” director on his business philosophy. read more

  11. Millionaire Tips profile image91
    Millionaire Tipsposted 11 years ago

    Before you start your own business, follow these steps to help get your business off to the right start. read more

  12. ElizaDoole profile image83
    ElizaDooleposted 11 years ago

    Never started a business? Worked in a few small UK businesses? A successful UK entrepreneur wants to know the best business to get into. Successful entrepreneur tips from the UK for those considering entering this market, or starting up a business in the UK. Resources and tips within. read more

  13. nightwork4 profile image61
    nightwork4posted 11 years ago

    one of the first things i tell anyone is to make a good business plan. if you can't take the time and make the effort, you don't have what it takes to run a successful business.a good business plan will show you how viable your business idea is, who your market group is and what you can expect for revenue.

  14. Kaili Bisson profile image96
    Kaili Bissonposted 11 years ago

    Great topic!
    The biggest thing I ever learned when starting a business was not to be afraid to ask for a better deal on things, whether that be a loan rate, credit card rate or rate being charged by suppliers for goods or services.
    Don't be afraid to ask your banker "Is this the very best rate you can offer me on this loan?" "Is this the best you can do?"
    Wherever possible, and especially with suppliers, try to make it a win-win. So, offer to increase your order if that means getting a better per unit cost as an example. Or ask what they can do if you pay cash. Don't hurt yourself in the process by overextending your financial plan, but remember your suppliers are business people too.
    So go ahead, ask the question. The worst that can happen is that someone says "no".

  15. edhylcrc2011 profile image61
    edhylcrc2011posted 11 years ago

    This days i'm still gathering ideas and techniques likewise (earning money out of my resent job) that in the next few years I can manage and own a business that can impart and apply my experiences related to business.
    For the meanwhile i would like to share my thoughts and techniques that maybe you can apply in one of you business ventures;
    -taking risk
    -hard work
    -love and commitment to your desired business

  16. Victoria Lynn profile image88
    Victoria Lynnposted 11 years ago

    How to be successful working from home? Working from home is a dream for many people, but you have to be disciplined and focused in order to make your goal successful. Putting in your time, setting specific goals, and enjoying your breaks at home are a few of the ways that you will help yourself on the road to success. read more

  17. Marcy Goodfleisch profile image84
    Marcy Goodfleischposted 11 years ago

    Expert advice for small businesses startups and how to find funding sources. Important  tips for targeting your market and growing your business to the next stage. read more

  18. carmenise profile image65
    carmeniseposted 11 years ago

    See my hub on tips for starting or running a small business.

  19. lawrence2012 profile image57
    lawrence2012posted 11 years ago

    Go into your business expecting to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You may not work this much, but you probably will when you are starting out.  Owning and running a business is one of the hardest yet one of the most rewarding things that somebody can do.

    1. Kaili Bisson profile image96
      Kaili Bissonposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      You are so right lawrence2012...better to be working long days to your own benefit than putting in that sort of time to benefit someone else  :-)

  20. HowCanIGetMoney profile image56
    HowCanIGetMoneyposted 11 years ago

    Get money doing what you enjoy starting a business as an entrepreneur with these steps to entrepreneurship. read more

  21. tim binns profile image60
    tim binnsposted 11 years ago

    Go with your heart - BUT ask a mentor whether it really IS a good idea

  22. glendoncaba profile image74
    glendoncabaposted 11 years ago

    1.Do what you enjoy and every day will be a purpose filled day.Best if you have a burning passion for your niche as well as burning passion for the niche to succeed so you should at least have a level of comfort in that niche.For example if you have... read more

  23. wordscribe43 profile image90
    wordscribe43posted 11 years ago

    Thinking about starting your own pet sitting business?  Find out what it really takes to be successful and what people don't tell you- straight from a pet sitter! read more

  24. TravelAbout profile image68
    TravelAboutposted 11 years ago

    Over the last few months I have been gathering information and learning the process of starting my own business.  Here are the steps I took to actually begin a business and where to find the information needed for the process read more

  25. stugod profile image67
    stugodposted 11 years ago

    You had better be using the most up to date technology. Metal prices have gone through the roof..If you are planning on manufacturing anything..

  26. BayAreaLawyer profile image61
    BayAreaLawyerposted 11 years ago

    Don't give up and don't listen to harsh criticism from others. Just go for it! My best piece of advice for any entrepreneur would be to join groups of others who are working toward similar goals. Join local business associations, find others through meetup.com, etc. You'll get a huge sense of inspiration from others with the same direction.

  27. tamarawilhite profile image86
    tamarawilhiteposted 11 years ago

    What is a business incubator? What groups create business incubators and why? And what do you need to know before joining a business incubator? read more


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