Scammers and sharing credit reports of businesses??

  1. Bdacar profile image55
    Bdacarposted 7 years ago

    Any one out there sharing scammers list and credit reports,validation reports ANYTHING that gives us all information of businesses that they have checked out (good or bad) so the rest of the world can avoid these people or do business with these people.If we all pitch in and share the information we can avoid alot of scams and do business without the worry so much.

  2. ArthurWinford profile image39
    ArthurWinfordposted 7 years ago

    Well I learned the hard way, to stay away from most of the  businesses.  Especially the ones that only do business with Western Union or Moneybookers. 

    Paypal is the securest way and also meeting the business man face to face on many occasions before closing a deal will always be the safest way. 

    tradekey and alibaba is crawling with spammers.