Job suspension update.

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    kirstenblogposted 7 years ago

    There is not actually much of an update, my life is still in pause mode. I went out of town last week and found myself kicking my heels, going for walks and taking photos, and sleeping load yikes

    I had another appointment with the council today after my doctors appointment. In my last thread (posted right after I got the bad news) I mentioned the council telling me to speak to my doctor about therapy roll. That was the doctors appointment and while she cannot write anything official to say that its a bloody waste of time and resources she did feel that a counselor would be certain to, so she gave me a referral. The meeting with the council I expected to be another round of interrogation like the last one was. It was relatively painless in the end, thankfully! My bosses bosses where there and actually know how to conduct themselves in these situations. They gave me some paperwork stuff and made it clear that a suspension is a neutral act, that its full pay, and that speculation is a waste, that we wont know what comes next until the school finishes its investigation and has come to a conclusion.

    For those who did not see my first thread 3 weeks ago here is the cut down version of events. I work 2 jobs at a local school, during one of the jobs a kid asked me about the scars on my arms. These scars are a result of a history of self harm from when I was a teenager and young adult. It is close to 10 years now since I self harmed (wow can't believe it's been that long!). The child went home and told the parents about our conversation and the parents complained to the school, the school put me on suspension for gross misconduct. The first meeting with the council was a bit like the spanish inquisition where I was told my boss was deeply disappointed in me and it was suggested I seek a therapist roll

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      Rafiniposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      OMG.  I'm sorry you've been treated this way for telling the truth in a frank manner.  Telling the truth is supposed to be a good thing, not a way to suppress your inner being. 

      Did anyone bother to tell these parents that if they had a problem with your being human that they should have talked to you first?  Really!  I can't believe this!!  What in the h&!! did these parents think they had the right to complain about?  And, why in the h&!! were you suspended?  Where was the gross misconduct??  That, was a problem that belonged to the parents, not you.

      (btw - congrats on it being 10 years!!  recovery of any type isn't easy)

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      LarasMamaposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I see exactly what you're coming from and am totally on your side - as a person who has traumatic scars myself (from self harm AND others harming me) I know what it's like to see the surprise on people's faces and their reactions, or to have to hide things just to avoid hurting or shocking people.
      However, I've learnt the hard way - many humans aren't strong like us and just can't handle having their perfect worlds shattered.
      Now if people ask I just say it's personal or I had a traumatic event happen - and only elaborate if I believe they can handle it. Generally, kids aren't the best at handling that sort of thing.