Poetic Conversation Battle Between Network Marketing & Internet Market

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    GreatContentposted 7 years ago

    We're here live at The Business World Arena. The battle rages on between network marketing and internet marketing. We're here to see which is better.. doing business the traditional ways, or doing business online. Tune in!

    Ready? Let's Get It On!

    Network Marketing: What's the deal with calling your upline? I do not see anything wrong with it.

    Internet Marketing: Can you say,"The lead is mine?" He's on the phone with your upline-- He's the one giving value, so when will YOU have your time to shine?

    Network Marketing: My time to shine? I do not know anything about business. I even needed help building my list. You sound like there's something I missed.

    Internet Marketing: You're missing value that comes from YOU!

    Network Marketing: Is that true?

    Internet Marketing: If you do not educate yourself in this industry-- providing value and solutions to the massive that are failing, then you yourself will do lots of wailing.

    People follow people, and they follow leaders. Ignorance of marketing does not get you very far. Only when you become a leader is when, in this industry, you can be a star.

    Network Marketing: But my upline told me to call them when I need help. Do not do what they tell me?

    Internet Marketing: You see, knowledge is power, and without it you cannot get ahead in the world. Everyone that sits at the top 1% of network marketing are experts at marketing. When will you begin to be one?

    Network Marketing: Well, let me talk to my upline about this.

    Internet Marketing: Say goodbye then to your dreams of success. They will not tell you the truth. They probably do not know themselves. Do not put yourself through that stress.

    Network Marketing: Since YOU'RE the expert, then what should I do to become a leader in MLM?

    Internet Marketing: Educate yourself. Learn the basics of attraction marketing. Team up with someone who's already doing it. At his feet you will sit. Be nourished!

    YOUR conclusion

    What are YOU gonna do about your MLM success? Too busy calling your upline because you are ignorant in this business?

    DO something about it! Educate yourself on what it takes to properly market your business so that you won't have to call your upline.

    Go ahead and team up with someone who's already putting into practice the art of attraction marketing, and begin to bring in leads and money today.