how to open a shop online?

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    gmrwebteamposted 7 years ago


    First you have yo decide what type of store you are going to start. Choose the name of your business and register it. You need to create a professional website and paypal account. Register your site on many of search engine so that user can know about that.


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    Bluehoopposted 7 years ago

    Before you go starting an online store, you really want to do a lot of research on what you're going to sell. Here's a tip that most people ignore and shouldn't - don't even think about what you're going to sell before you've done your Keyword research. Can you easily promote your goods on the internet? What sort of competition can you expect? Once you've found your niche that you think you'll be able to sell well into, then start thinking about how to build your store. Magento is good, but only recommended for big sites with thousands of products. For fewer products, try zen cart, Virtuemart or a small and little known shopping cart software called e- commerce templates. As the name suggests they do easy to use templates shops. I've used them several times And would recommend.