Need advice and tips?

  1. Bredavies profile image78
    Bredaviesposted 7 years ago

    It would be great if someone would help me with tips on how to find investors. I could really use advice. Thanks smile

  2. Cagsil profile image59
    Cagsilposted 7 years ago

    I'm not sure anyone can answer your question, because if it was simple to explain, then almost everyone would be doing it.

    However, if you want investors, then you need to find them. Those who invest in business plans are the wealth and powerful. Which means, you would have to have a solid business plan that is completely explainable to your investors. You would have to have a specific niche market that shows a specific value and how it brings about profits for those who invest.

    That's best I can explain your dilemma. All the factors involved, such as building the best business plan that can substantially return profits for your investors- it's your ability with financial aspect is most important. A business also should have a solid customer service aspect, so you can create repeat customers.

    I hope that helps. wink