Company Take overs

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    Lady Guinevereposted 9 years ago

    This is for my neighbor.  H has a broken leg from a non work related fall and he is getting paid for insurance to help pay for the medical cost of this.  So he feels like he has no choice but to stay and work for them. 
    His company that he works for has changed owners just recently.  He is the manager--no assitant managers.  On his days off they call him to see why so and so has not done something.  They pester him all the time.  He works alot of hours and he gets around on a small scooter/golfcart like thing at his work.  The new owners are horrible to their employees.  Quite a few (like more than half) have quit since they became the new owners just about a month ago.  My neighbor doesn't think he can get a new job or take this comany from under the new ownership with his broken leg.  I sent him the Small Business Administration website so he could take a look at it and possibly start his own business.  His company is landscaping with ponds and such.  It is the only one around here that does it.  What can he do for himself to get a better position in his life?  Can he take over the business from the owners and how would this work?  Any positive information for this and I will send it right to his e-mail.  He is constantly worried abut losing his job but they tell him that he won't and he is the best manager they have ever seen--and then they turn around and call him on his days off and wonder why thigns are done and blah, blah, blah and blame it all on him.....
    Just what options does he have--he loves what he does.
    Thanks in advance!