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A world without ADVERTISEMENTS.... What would it be like?

  1. marketingnotesja profile image59
    marketingnotesjaposted 6 years ago

    We are constantly being bombarded by advertisements everywhere!We see ads on Billboards, Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Facebook, Buses, Cars, Bus Stops and even on Sidewalks!! But have we ever thought about what the world would be like if we never had any advertisments? Tell me what you think......

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    WryLiltposted 6 years ago


  3. Cagsil profile image58
    Cagsilposted 6 years ago

    All products/goods or services through word of mouth is effective, but old school mentality. Isn't about to happen. wink

  4. knolyourself profile image60
    knolyourselfposted 6 years ago

    East Germany before the fall of the
    Wall. When I was there it was like going back in time a hundred years before. A bit of a glimpse is the movie "Good Bye, Lenin! 2004".

  5. timorous profile image85
    timorousposted 6 years ago

    You might think the ads would be replaced with thoughtful, high-quality reading and intelligent programming.  That may be..but the economy would sink like a stone.  So much of our standard of living relies on products being bought and sold every single day.

    Many of them are considered necessities.  We need choices and competition to keep the cost of these things reasonable.  The only really effective way to accomplish that is to make the choices known to the public, via advertising.

    The trouble is..too much competiton, and the subsequent advertising results in a case of information overload, and becomes a turn-off for many people.

    One of the choices is ignoring 90% of it. smile

    1. marketingnotesja profile image59
      marketingnotesjaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I absolutely love the response..... Very logical and acceptable.