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Looking to hire a manufacturer for liquid supplements and powders

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    Ambroseposted 9 years ago

    Hi everybody, I am a supplier of food supplements and have been thinking of making it in the masculine line with some of the liquid supplements and powders. There are many competitors in this line and manufacturing them involves a good investment that I cannot make at the moment. So, I have decided to make it with private labeling (as the earlier range is also not manufactured by me).I need some suggestions on choosing a better manufacturer that my previous for my product range.

    1. guidebaba profile image58
      guidebabaposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      If your product is related to Body Building Supplements then I am afraid that 99.99% of them don't work. I have wasted huge money on this. I tried everything including Creatine. Nothing worked except regular workout, Good Food and Rest... and BEER.

      You can always make good money in this business because there HUGE Profit margin. 75% of the supplements are sold with FALSE Labels on them.

      It is all upto you to make fool of people and make money or be Honest.


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    compu-smartposted 9 years ago

    Good luck!smile

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    Mark Knowlesposted 9 years ago

    guidebaba - this thread was started by the first poster to give the second one an excuse to add a link.