Hi I was looking at buying some Liquid Chlorophyll after reading about it on you

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    NZJayeposted 6 years ago

    Hi I was looking at buying some Liquid Chlorophyll after reading about it on your page

    the one I was going to buy in NZ I noticed is made from Mulberry Leaves and the one you speak of is made from Alfalfa. Please can you enlighten me to what the difference in quality.
    Thank you

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    prasetio30posted 6 years ago

    My sample of Liquid chlorophyll from Alfalfa leaves. Actually both of these plants has the same function for our health. They have taken from the leaves. Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants that harnesses the sun’s energy in photosynthesis. Within the plant, it performs multiple metabolic functions including respiration and growth.

    I got valuable information that another Liquid chlorophyll made by Mulberry leaves (Morus alba L.). Like your question above. Morus alba L., popularly known as White Mulberry or Silkworm Mulberry, is well-known in silk-producing countries, such as China, Japan, India and Vietnam. Young tender Mulberry leaves are fed to silkworms to yield high-productivity strains for quality silk. Chinese herbalists use Mulberry leaves to re-balance the body’s vital energy levels.

    Mulberry grown without the influence of harsh chemicals and pesticides yields chlorophyll that is true to the natural chemical composition found in the leaves themselves. So, it's so naturally.

    About who is the best? I think both of this LC has their own uniqueness for our health. Believe me that you get all the benefits by drinking LC...amen.