How to use an MBA degree in the Game Industry?

  1. KParsons305 profile image59
    KParsons305posted 6 years ago

    So I'm a Business Administration major. (I'm not close to graduating) but, I want to start from now making my way in the game industry so when I do graduate, I will have a job immediately. Only problem is, I don't really know how my MBA experience will be used in the game industry lol. Any help?

    1. Zubair Ahmed profile image76
      Zubair Ahmedposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I guess when you say game industry you mean Computer Games.  If that is the industry you want to get into then I would suggest you start looking into Software Engineering and Project Management topics.  As an MBA graduate you should be in a position to determine how your MBA skills can be harnessed to provide you with a job in the games industry, expand you knowledge into the IT industry specific to Games.

      Take for example in the Games industry they will have people who deal with:

      (1) Conceptualizing the Games as a product
      (2) Game Design
      (2) Managing the design and development process as a PM and Technical Lead
      (3) Sales and Product managment
      (4) Testing

      There are so any areas that you can focus on, as Management student you should try to learn at a high level all the areas that is involved in Computer Games industry so that when you get your 1st role most possibly in leadership or management type position you are able to understand and appreciate the roles involved in taking a game from someones mind into a sell-able product.