What companies and Business owners pay for ?

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    uniquesposted 6 years ago

    Who is keeping your company or Business running? ask your self this question starting from here being realistic where would your business be ? without employees you don't make  profit  now moving on for 24 years  i have had a lot of jobs my strongest field is the medical field and i learned that there are some problems out their with supervisors and management positions,  not all but some, some managers are not ment to be managers you don't need a degree to sink a business. you must know how to treat people in general respect can go a long way a degree is just a foundation of saying! I have a degree in such and such and  i can run this company not! one mistake employers make is they hire people in these positions because some have worked there longer,or are friends of theirs or related not a good idea.focus and tell me what you thing? we must be talking about the same thing here from stores to businesses some places i go in undercover just to seee where or do they have a manager or supervisor , not in sight or better yet if they do come some dont know how to communicate , lazy they are good at one thing ? Telling people what to do !