What in the blue blazes are the big wigs thinking?

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    HemperorsClosetposted 5 years ago

    This is related to my hub about Rediscovering Hemp.

    Talk talk talk. Some people talk till they're blue and red and look like elephants and jackasses. But talk is substantiated by action. If you knew of a way to put hundreds of thousands and millions of people around the world to and back to work, would you sit on it? Would you spew rhetoric and misguiding? Would you in your heart love it, then deny and sell it to death for forty shiny trinkets?

    The point is that the domestic production of hemp could embarrassingly easily fix the unemployment and the national and personal debt crisis. In the past it was easy to discredit Hemp. Virgin forest was everywhere and big business was anxious to deflower it. Wood pulp was cheap, and dow scheme-acle found a way to make paper using lots and lots of patentable toxic petroleum derived chemicals, and politicians were easily swayed by yellow journalism, too busy to do the research themselves. "Marihuana is the devil's weed. it causes minorities to disrespect and rape white people" they screamed, and people became terrified... (what is it called when a group uses terror to achieve political goals?) Unknowingly they voted to outlaw their beloved Hemp. The fiber that they wore and raised on their sailing ships and...

    Well, the virgin forests have been raped and turned bitter with toxic sludge. Now what?