Apartment-Condo-Rental Locating Business Is Booming!

  1. Michael Agent profile image38
    Michael Agentposted 9 years ago

    If you're looking for a new small business, or extra income, then this is the opportunity you have been looking for.

    The rental referral business is one of easiest and most powerful business you can start. It required no special talent other then wanting to succeed, and making phone calls. It's totally easy to learn and succeed with this because every business loves referrals for one simple reason.

    It's free advertising for their business. (Not to mention that the rental agents work on commission also, so everybody wins) so anybody that wants to passively represent them, and sends referrals directly would be totally willing to accept business from your efforts. Who wouldn't? There are plenty of rental opportunities in this industry.

    With so many homes in foreclosure there are more homes that need to be rented then ever before. Take a look at online classified advertisements for homes for rent. It's astounding how many there are. That is where you come in, find renters, and collect your finders fee in the same manner you locate apartments. Simply advertise (for free explained later) put renters with owners of homes for rent and collect your fee. This is truly a win-win situation that you should always keep in mind as a sideline for extra income.

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