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How to Earn Money Online from Home

Updated on March 25, 2016

Ways to Make Money Online

Are you interested in making money online? Do you want to work from home?

There are tons of legitimate ways to earn a living with your own computer if you are willing to put in the time and effort. I've highlighted the ways of making money from the internet that have worked for me.

Keep reading to find out how to make money with online writing, affiliate marketing, selling stuff, pay per task sites, and videos. Learn how to sign up for sites and programs and other ways of making paychecks from home.

Writing Online

Writing Online

The most important thing to remember about writing online is that it is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It isn't quick and easy. It will take time and effort.

You will make pennies at first. Then as you write more and more, you will earn dollars. The key to writing online is having lots and lots of articles.

So if you are interested in becoming an online author, I suggest joining one or two sites at first. Build up a good number of articles. Discover what works for you and what is profitable. Figure out how to make your articles really great. Figure out how to get noticed by search engines. Then slowly start writing for more sites until you have a good steady stream of income coming in.

Think of it this way. One article is likely to earn $1 or so a month. If you build up to 100 articles, that's $100 a month. Eventually, as you get really good at it, articles will start earning more per month and that's when you can expect an income that can sustain you.

The cool about online articles is that they keep earning money even if you never look at them again. Articles I wrote two years ago keep making me a few dollars every month.

If you have the patience and persistence, you can make a career out of online writing.

Keep scrolling for some great places to start. (Or for other types of ideas if writing isn't your thing.)

The Secrets of Making Money on the Internet

Lean in and listen to these secrets...

Write for HubPages

Make money by creating internet articles!

HubPages is another of my favorite places to write. Like this site, creating an article is super easy.

There are editing tools and capsules to insert. You add what you want, tweak it, and click publish. The site automatically submits your article (called a hub) into search engines.

Beginners can find lots of help at HubPages as well. There is a learning center and a forum to get you started. There are contests periodically and groups to help you get recognition.

You can earn several ways on HubPages. There is a site ad program, Amazon, Ebay, and Google Adsense, all of which are earning opportunities. Think hubbing would work for you?

Want to see what the Hubbub is about?

Click the image below to start creating hubs and earning money!

Learning the Lingo

When you first start writing online, all the new terms and jargon can make your head spin.

Some of those are important down the road, but not necessary to get started.

Write a few articles to get your feet wet. If you like it, then start learning the language and how to's.

More Sites That Pay You to Write

There are oodles of sites that pay for content out there in the wide web. Find the right sites for you.

Do you have the write stuff?

Do you think online writing is doable for you?

See results

Affiliate Sales

Photo by 401K, from Flickr
Photo by 401K, from Flickr

Making Money Referring Products

You can make money just by pointing out great products to people. To be successful with affiliate sales, you are going to need a blog or website or somewhere online where you can show people the stuff you want to sell.

Then you make a small percentage when people actually buy something. It may take a long time before you start to see earnings. Keep at it and keep sharing your referral links and it will eventually add up.

There are tons of affiliate programs out there. Lots of businesses are looking for people to help promote their products. If there is a particular company or brand you like, check their website to see if they have an affiliate program. Look at the bottom of the page, usually in the FAQ's or about us.

The most successful affiliate sales are products that you can write a personal recommendation and review of. People want to know what others think about something before taking the plunge and buying it themselves.

Below are some great affiliate programs I have had success with.

Make Money Referring Amazon Products

The Amazon Associate Program is one of the most popular affiliate programs out there. And it is probably one of the most profitable for most people.

People visiting a website recognize Amazon and just about everyone has bought something from them. Amazon is a trusted name. So when people see a listing from Amazon for product they are interested in, they are likely to click on the listing.

When people purchase something from your link, you get a referral fee. So you make money just by telling people to shop at Amazon.

For an example of how it works, there are some Amazon products below for people who want to work at home. If someone clicks on one of these and buys it, I get a small percentage. Pretty cool, huh?

To join or find out more about becoming an Amazon Associate, click here.

Become an AllPosters Affiliate

See this beautiful poster below? You can buy it from by clicking on it. If someone does buy a poster from one of my links, I get a referral fee from AllPosters. If I sell a lot of posters it starts to add up.

The other great thing about AllPosters is that placing them makes your webpages more visual appealing. It looks really nice and draws in readers. More traffic = more earnings. So joining the affiliate program is a smart move even if it is just to be able to use the images.

Buy This at

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate with AllPosters, click below to find out more. You'll need a website. Just fill out the information form, and you'll be on your way...

ShareASale Affiliate Program

Join up with Thousands of Merchants!

The ShareASale affiliate program is neat. It is like an umbrella network to connect with thousands of merchants.

You can pick which merchants you would like to be affiliated with. Then you can manage all of your affiliate networks using just the ShareASale site. That way you don't have to keep up with multiple different sites, but aren't limited to just one merchant.

So far I use TeeFury on my science fiction blog.

And I also use Costume Craze. I have a lot of Halloween articles, so it is very relevant.

It's easy to find banners like these for whatever merchant you want. Then you just copy and paste the code onto your website, and you are all set.

Join, Earn Cash!

The Most Important Thing to Remember Is...

Don't quit your day job till you have a good, steady online income coming in from more than one place each month. Internet income can have its ups and down. Make sure you can navigate it before you dive all the way in.

How much are you earning?

How much do you make a month online?

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Pay Per Task Sites


Make money for tasks

Amazon's Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is definitely a site you can trust. The payments are made through Amazon. And the best thing is that there are no payout minimums. You can request a payment anytime you want.

MTurk workers do tasks called "HITs" that are requested by other users. Each requester will determine a price per hit. And there are all kinds of different tasks available.

Usually the highest paying hits are for transcription. There are also surveys that generally pay about $1 each. Some hits involve searching for specific things on the internet or describing items. Those will generally pay a few cents each, but will only take a few seconds to do.

It is very feasible to earn a living doing hits on MTurk as long as you are willing to put in the time. I have used the site when I have needed a few extra dollars here and there.

A dollar here and a dollar there add up!

Keep it up and you'll gradually begin to earn a good income.

Clicking Away...

Have you made any money with pay per task sites?

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Sell Stuff Online

Sell Your Own Stuff Online

Selling online is another great way to make money online.

If you make things like crafts, this is an especially good idea. You can also buy stuff cheap and then sell it for a profit. Many people go to yard sales and thrift stores to find stuff to sell.

You can even connect with a company and sell their products for them online. Or set up your own eBay business and charge a fee for placing other people's stuff online for them.

There are a million ways to make money selling online. And with all the sites available today, it's easy and simple to find customers.

Online Shopping Poll

Do you buy products online?

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Sell Stuff on eBay

eBay is still one of the most popular places to sell unique items. You can sell products you've made on eBay or you can find treasures and list them on the site.

The good thing about eBay is that the site fees are relatively cheap. Plus you can set the price and make a reserve so that it won't sell below a certain price.

I've had good luck selling specialty items on eBay. Many collectible items brought a lot more than I expected.

Sellers Poll

What do you have to sell?

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Making Videos

Make a Profit Creating and Uploading Videos

Making YouTube videos is a great way to make extra money online. But it will take time before it will start to pay off. And a whole lot of traffic if you want to make a living with it.

Start out by making a few videos and uploading them onto YouTube. You should also go ahead and sign up for a Google AdSense account. Once your videos reach a certain amount of popularity, YouTube will send you an invitation to start monetizing your videos with ads.

The key to being successful on YouTube is to have lots of videos and decent traffic coming in. The more people who watch your videos (and see your ads), the more money you will make.

How to Make a Viral Video

Tips on how to make YouTube videos that will become popular.

My Progress Report

Photo by Steven Depolo, from Flickr
Photo by Steven Depolo, from Flickr

My Online Income

I started writing internet articles three years ago. For my first year, I only made a few dollars a month. I took about a year for me to even reach the minimum payout with Google AdSense. I was only writing a little bit here and there in my spare time.

Then, as I started to publish more and more articles, I started earning more per month. I was earning a payout every few months. By the end of the second year, I was getting a paycheck every month.

I took the plunge and started doing just internet work in September 2011. My earnings increase little by little each month.

Money Goals

How much do you want to make online each month?

See results

Do you want to be an online money maker? Are you already earning an income online? What's your online earning goal? What has been successful for you? What hasn't worked?

What do you think?

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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Interesting and helpful ideas for making money online.


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