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How Much to Invest Offshore

Updated on October 15, 2012

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Why do we invest? Sure, there might be the thrill of a quick return or large yield on a short-term holding. But, really, the idea should be to have a long-term strategy. You're in this for the long haul and by having a balance of reliable investments with steady returns you'll leave an adequate inheritance for you loved one when you pass away. But just as important is achieving this balance through investing in domestic and offshore assets to create a synergy of desirable tax mitigation and to provide for your loved ones.

If your investment portfolio is properly balanced, you are obtaining assets because they move you one step closer to your investment goals. You'll want a portion of the portfolio to be comprised of domestic assets with reasonable returns, limited risk and produce revenue over a long period of time. These domestic assets form the backbone of the portfolio. The equal proportion of your investments should take advantage of the opportunities found in other countries, opportunities often not found on home soil. Depending on where the assets are located you might find the tax obligations are significantly lower and you can minimize the amount of domestic tax due the IRS. The diversity of having both domestic and international assets means you are less vulnerable to economic shifts.

You want a foundation of assets to provide minimal performance at the very least, no matter how the economy is doing. This means less volatile assets with the possibility of continued revenue returns in any market - safe investments such as bond issues and historically reliable stock holdings. Once the foundation is set you can turn to gaining assets which carry more risk and offer a greater potential for even larger returns. Balance is key; don't rely too much on any one type of asset. Look at prevailing market conditions and use a worst case scenario projection to determine how those events could impact your portfolio. Research is critical when it comes to offshore investing. Contact your broker to sort through it with you. The process is straightforward and should be easy to navigate. Be alert for brokerage fees which can eat into your returns if you do a lot of trading.

Many investors are intimidated by the thought of adding international investments to their portfolio. But to maintain a balance it only makes sense to explore overseas assets for financial growth as well as domestic assets for a steady stream of returns. Every investor has a different goal and their investment portfolio is going to reflect those goals and their needs. But, if you balance your portfolio and accept the risks and potential rewards of offshore investing as part of a well-rounded and healthy asset package, it will make a difference when you shift a portion of your portfolio into overseas allocations. As always, with any investment, do the due diligence and research before you invest. Think the 'big picture' and invest with your long-term goals in mind.

Invest Offshore
Invest Offshore

Invest Offshore

Offshore Investment Guide

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Offshore Investment Market

We’ll introduce you to custom tailored multi-currency products and services, to provide you with the same tax advantages as large hedge funds and institutional money managers. You can trade stocks, options, commodities or futures without the burden of fretting over the complex tax implications. We make sure your offshore wishes are executed in a timely manner and precisely in accord with your instructions.

Offshore Investment Platform

This best-of-breed Offshore Investment Platform provides portfolio management software designed to give an investor the maximum choice of global financial instruments and the maximum flexibility. Easy to set up, has competitive costs and simple to run. This offshore investment platform allows an individual to invest for many purposes, in one plan, and provides online access to your portfolio with full confidentiality.

Regulated, Recognized, Registered Offshore Investment Advisers

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