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How To Magnetically Advertise Online

Updated on June 24, 2014

Learn How To Draw Customers To You Like Steel Is Drawn To A Magnet

The biggest question people have when they begin working online is how they get people to see their offers. It's called traffic generation in the business and it is by far the most challenging aspect of working online. With so many ways to advertise your offers online, you would think that it would be simple and for some people it is. Call them freaks of nature because the other 97% of us usually take years to master it. So where do you turn when you want to learn more about advertising online? Well there are many books and courses available for sale on the Internet and every single one of them will tell you they are the best at teaching you how to advertise successfully online. What most people find is that the ones that are available to the public are old and outdated. Do you really think other successful online marketers want competition? My guess is probably not. So you must use caution before spending your hard earned money and find one with a good reputation over a long period of time. You must find one that is current and has a proven track record of success. You need one that will actually teach you something. You need to learn how to draw customers to you like steel is drawn to a magnet. You need Magnetic Sponsoring.

Learning To Attract More Customers

Figuring Out Why We Advertise?

Whether you are working on the Internet or in a brick and mortar store, every business needs advertising to attract new customers. For some of us who work on the Internet, building a successful business absolutely requires us to advertise to acquire new prospects who might be interested in joining our business opportunity. In this type of "Network Marketing" it is not only important to advertise but it is vital to our success that we do it right. The right advertisement could be the difference between financial windfall or closing your doors forever. Yet you would be surprised how many people fail miserably at advertising or even understanding the goal of advertising. In other words, what are you trying to accomplish with your ad? Why do we advertise?

Well for the Network Marketer or any other Internet Marketers who know the importance of building an email list, the only purpose of an advertisement is to elicit a direct action by the reader that allows you to capture their contact information. Period, end of story. I know, big words, right? "Elicit A Direct Action"...This simply means you want them to do a specific thing. There's no need to sell them on your business. There's no need to tell them about your company. There isn't even a reason to link them to any other page to try to get them to buy something else. The best way is just simply capture their contact information.

Once you have the ability to contact them, you can begin the actual sales process, whatever that is for your business. This ultimately is your goal after all, right, to make money? Well, you will never have that chance if you don't have a way to contact interested prospects. Think about it, how many people actually spend money the first time they see an ad? Would you pull out your credit card and use it for something the first time you heard about it or would you be skeptical and want to find out more before spending your hard earned money? You know the latter is true so why would you expect anyone else to be different?

Be Magnetic To Attract New Prospects

Successful Advertising To Compete Against The Liars And Thieves

Let's face it, the Internet has it's good and bad points. The obvious good is that the world is basically at your fingertips. There isn't anything worth looking for that you can't find on the Internet. The bad, on the other hand is that the Internet has allowed people to become "experts" in areas they know very little about. They do some research on topic, write a few articles, start a website and bam!, they're considered an expert. Why? Because they seem to know more than the reader who is searching for the information so they must be an expert, right?

Now I've kind of gone off topic a little but the point I'm trying to make here is that the Internet is not only used for good. Some people will say or do anything to make a quick buck and won't think twice about it. So when it comes to advertising on the Internet or anywhere for that matter because advertising is advertising, you need to learn how to write in a manner that will make you more attractive than the guys who are lying to get business. You need to be more appealing than those little bastards that will say anything to make a sale. You need to be as attractive to the prospective customer as a magnet is to steel. Learning this skill, and it is a skill, will allow you to transform your business into the powerhouse you want it to be.

But this will not happen overnight. Much like any skill, you have to start from the beginning, sharpen your tools and over time, develop your skills. A process many people, even some so-called "professionals" in the field of advertising, fail to do, And the worse part is that those same people will take your money and write worse ads than you could. Believe me, it happens everyday.

Don't be discouraged by the process. It is said that anything worth doing is worth doing right. And the importance of advertising is so important to your business that it's something that cannot be overlooked or made to be something of low importance. It is imperative you get it right or you will just be wasting your time and costing you money.

Where Do You Learn Magnetic Advertising?

Taking The 7 Day Boot Camp To Learn How To Attract More Customers

I'm sure there are many places all over the Internet that promote their expertise in advertising but, in my opinion, there is only one place that can be trusted. Through my own personal experience learning from the masters at Magnetic Sponsoring, I have developed skills I had no idea were possible. Yes, not only am I trying to help you learn these skills but I am also a former customer and current user of the methods described in this book. But this isn't about what I have learned, it's about what you can learn. And without a doubt in my mind, I can wholeheartedly recommend Magnetic Sponsoring to anyone who is interested in mastering the skills of sponsoring more reps. Included in the course is advertising, of course, but that is only a tiny sliver of what is offered.

Look, I am writing this article in Squidoo...

What does that tell you about my confidence in this course? Well it should tell you that I am not afraid to stand behind it. You can see who I am, where I live and read other Lenses I've written about my family and other life experiences. My very reputation could be ruined by recommending a product or course that doesn't produce the way I say it does. No reputation, no money, do you get it? This course works!

So all you need to do now is to find one of the links below and use it. Check out the Magnetic Sponsoring 7 Day Boot Camp. 7 videos that will change the way you think about advertising and give you a better understanding of what you need to do to attract more customers to your business.

Or you could choose not to try the free 7 Day Boot Camp and go straight to the Magnetic Sponsoring Book and begin learning today.

More Ways To Learn - Amazon Has It All


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