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How to Make Money on Facebook and Grow Your Business with Facebook Graph Search

Updated on July 18, 2014

Facebook Graph Search is a newer tool Facebook came out with that works like an advanced semantic search engine. Marketers are using it now to perform market research that is rigorous, prospect for new customers and build business relationships. What many people do not realize about Graph Search is there is a great deal of potential for making money on Facebook using it. Therefore, if you are trying to learn how to make money on Facebook, you might want to utilize this powerful concept. Let's explore this.

Gain Insight on your Targeted Audience and Customers

This tool makes it easy for you to gather up all sorts of information on your audience, customers and fans. You can see the different activities your fans are engaged in as well as the blogs, Facebook pages and websites they follow. You can research their age, gender, where they live, where they work, where they went to school, where they grew up and much more. In depth statistical analysis like this allows you to conduct market research for free.

People Find You

Facebook Graph Search allows people to perform customized and targeted searches on different people, photos, places, interests and more inside Facebook. This makes it easier for people to find you or your business.

How to Use Facebook Graph Search to Build Business Relationships

1. 'People Who': Apply the 'People who' string in your search to locate people who like your page. You can do the same thing to analyze your competitor's page. Determine what groups these users participate in, the pages they like, what they talk about and then use this information to strike up a conversation with them. You can follow and interact on other places with them such as Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

2. Filters: Apply the tab for 'See more filters' which will give you more information like their likes, photos, interests, work, education, living, videos, family and relationship filters. This really helps you to drill down and find that perfect prospect.

3. Target your advertising: Graph search can be applied particularly with small businesses and marketers since they can target their advertising a whole lot better now. You can check out searches that display your business to see what users are looking for you. You can target a certain demographic to focus your advertising in specific parameters.

4. Facebook Groups: Go into different Facebook groups and network with others who share the same interests as you or an interest in things that relate to your business. The same rules apply as when participating in any group; it's not about blasting people with your self-serving links. It is about connecting, interacting, sharing value and growing a fan base.

5. Locate Your Competition

Figure out what competitiors your customers are doing business with so you can beef up your loyalty campaign.

Live Example Video of Facebook Graph Search in Action

Watch my live example of how I use Facebook Graph Search to narrow down and find targeted prospects to talk to about my home business.

Examples of String Searches

Search: 'People who like (any business name) and (Online Marketing, MLM, home business, Network Marketing, etc.)...'. (shown in my example above)...

This targets people in the Network Marketing, MLM, Home Business, Online Marketing industry.

Search: 'People who like (the name of your business) and...".

Fill in the blanks with unlimited possibilities such as another brand name.

Search: 'Groups about…'.

This type of string search will allow you to locate social communities where the users share the same passion as you. For instance, 'groups about photography' or 'groups about making money online'.

Search: 'People who like (the name of your business) and are...'.

Here you can search users specific ages you are looking to target.

Search: '(Business industry or niche) in (location) visited by people who like (name of facebook page).

Here you can narrow it down even more to people in a certain location who are interested in a particular niche or industry, who like your fanpage.

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