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Sourcing free packaging supplies

Updated on January 21, 2016
Packing box with peanuts.
Packing box with peanuts. | Source

So where do we start ?

Boxes, as mentioned above, you really need quality boxes that are not soiled, after all no one wants their item in a package that was previously used to parcel off motor oil containers.

Here are a few places we have used and some we still use today.

  • Bunnings – You will have probably walked past the cages bolted against the wall at the rear of the checkouts on you way out, blindly passing by and not seeing the opportunity that presents itself. Bunnings in our opinion is the Holy Grail of free packing boxes and quality ones at that, fresh from the shelf stacker with hardly any time to get dusty and in all shapes and sizes. I must point out that its always best to ask first if you can take any even though they are free, that way you can load up. I generally grab the largest usable one I can then fill it up with a generous selection of smaller sized ones, packing them in like Russian dolls.
  • Friends and relations – There’s probably a very good chance that a certain percentage of your friends and relatives work in environments which have waste in the form of boxes, bubble wrap and maybe even those annoying peanuts. Have a chat with them and see what they say, it can only be yes or no but you should emphasise that you don’t wish them to get into any trouble where they work.
  • Facebook – Yes Facebook, many of the selling groups you are probably on already have people that have recently moved to the area and offer up their packing boxes, peanuts, bubble wrap etc for free as they either cannot be bothered taking it to the recycling centre or are genuinely offering it up for grabs with recycling their end goal.
  • Book stores – These can be fantastic for free packing boxes as they will be clean and new, after all a publisher will not send out new books using inferior packaging. Ask at the counter if they have any spare boxes, tell them what its for there’s no need to lie, if you start off on the level you will find you are received in a more accommodating manner and this will bear more fruit.
  • Furniture stores – Places like Harvey Normans and The Good Guys etc are constantly moving stock, that stock is replaced and they don’t send it to the stores bareback. Every piece will be wrapped or boxed to get it there safely and what do they do with all that packaging afterwards ? They load it into a dumpster and pay to get it taken away. Next time you are close by one of these stores just ask, it doesn’t hurt to ask and you may be pleasantly surprised, id ask to speak to the manager to ask them as you want to go for the organ grinder not the monkey. Get their approval and the lights change to green.

On the subject of green, how many of you throw away the free local newspaper ? Well stop ! Infact go buy yourself a decent shredder and get to work, shredded paper makes excellent packing material and its free…….. I suggest you only shred what you need as its easier to store flat in paper form rather than shredded and packed in bin liners.


I’m pretty sure there are many of you whose sell clothing or bed linen ? When you pack them up to post I’d imagine you simply wrap the item in a bag or bubble wrap then pop in the bag or box and seal ? Then STOP why are you posting fresh air ?

If you have multiple items of clothes to sell this method is best suited as I accept individual items would not noticeably benefit. Buy the click and seal plastic bags and pop your item in one then seal the bag just enough to get the vacuum cleaner small nozzle attachment in and give it a quick blast. As you withdraw the nozzle whilst still sucking quickly seal the remainder of the bag. You have removed the air and with several parcels to post in one package you will have saved a small amount, maybe enough at the post office scales to get it down to the next price.

We hope you benefit from some of the suggestions above and we have posted this link to our Facebook group page where you can leave your thoughts, opinions and maybe put forward any ideas you use.

Take care………………


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