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Photos You Should Not Post on Facebook

Updated on November 7, 2012
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Jeannie has been writing online for over 10 years. She covers a wide variety of topics—hobbies, opinions, dating advice, and more!


What were you thinking?

Everyone seems to be into social networking sites, and of course, Facebook is the most popular. Also, everyone seems to have a digital camera or at least a cell phone that takes photos and videos now, too. When you combine these two things together, what do you get? Sometimes the two can join forces and product beautiful videos and photos for the world to enjoy! However, sometimes the opposite happens. This hub is about just that. This hub is going to focus on the photos you should not ever post on Facebook.

I really don't even want to stop at photos. I want to discuss videos as well. YouTube is littered with embarrassing videos. For some reason, it is not humiliating enough to watch your best friend fall off the stage at the talent show. Instead, it is just funnier to post that video on YouTube and share it with the world. Next thing you know, the video has gone viral and now it is even on TV. I mean, seriously, who doesn't want to be on Tosh.O or Ridiculousness or World's Dumbest Performers? Even better, if you make all three shows, wow, a triple whammy in embarrassment.

Facebook, and for that matter Twitter and my old forgotten favorite... MySpace, are just as bad. People are posting videos and photos that do not need to be seen by everyone. Why, oh why, do people feel the need to take a number of photos while drunk at parties? There should be a button on every cell phone and on every camera you can press before you start drinking so you are either A) not allowed to take photos all night, or B) not allowed to post them until you can pass a breathalizer test. Since none of this technology exists, we must rely on people to have common sense. Since common sense really isn't so common now, please let me assist you with some basic rules.

If you are cheating on someone, don't post it.

I am not sure if some people believe their spouses do not know how to use that fancy piece of technology called a computer, but I am pretty sure most do. Even if your spouse is not on Facebook, your spouse's friends probably are and some of them are probably your friends, too. So why do people post photos with their "special friend" on Facebook?

Even if you are not outright cheating on your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, sugar daddy... whatever!... if you have your arms around some person that is not your significant other, you probably shouldn't post that on Facebook. I mean, do you deserve to get caught? Definitely! Is Facebook the right way to do it? Probably not, but you are an idiot, so it serves you right.

Stop embarrassing your kids!

Kids are cute, aren't they? Grandma loves logging into Facebook and seeing her grandchildren's smiling faces in Christmas photos. You know what no one loves? Humiliating photos of your children! Your kids are going to need therapy for years.

I am not talking about your standard embarrassing family photos. Everyone has family members that will post photos from the old days. There you are 8 years old with buck teeth (because you haven't gotten your braces yet) and wearing bell bottoms (because they were hand-me-downs) standing in front your elementary school. It is cute in its own way, even if you are forced to untag yourself from the photo because everyone is making fun of you.

The photos I am talking about are things like your kid falling down stairs, or your kid at age 12 being forced to sit with Santa Claus and crying about it. The videos I am talking about are the kind on YouTube, with once again, kids falling down flights of stairs. Why is that funny? Now that kid probably can never do basic math again and you jerks are laughing at her. Can someone call Child Protective Services? Furthermore, why are some of you breaking into the bathroom and taping your kid when he is naked and singing Justin Bieber songs in the shower? Hey, give the kid a break? Now no one is going to eat lunch with him in middle school. Someone, PLEASE call Child Protective Services!

Stop posting drunk pics. Just stop!

I know this might be hard to believe, but some of you out there probably have one of those things... oh, you know... what's the word?... not dignity... none of you posting drunk photos have that. Hmmmm.... oh yeah... A JOB... some of you just might have a job! When you have a job, posting videos or photos when you are drunk is a bad idea. When you don't have a job, but you might like to have one at some point in your life, posting drunk photos is a bad idea. If you have relatives, or for goodness sake, your own children looking at your photos or watching your videos online, don't post anything when you are drunk.

I know some of your friends are losers and they are going to post photos of you when you are drunk. My advice to you, don't get too drunk when someone with a camera is roaming around. This can be tough, but some people have evil friends. If you do have evil friends and Kelly happens to take your photo just as you start to puke in your purse from too much alcohol, threaten Kelly so she will not share the photo. If she does share it, untag it and deny it exists. If you run for office one day, you might just have to fess up then. But first, see if Kelly takes bribes. You never know.

What is up with so many violent videos?

I am really not sure why I live in a nation full of people that enjoy low-brow humor, yet that is the case. People just love watching other people get hurt. I don't know why, but this seems to be true. Often, it is tough to catch a good action photo of someone getting hurt, although I've seen it a time or two on Facebook. Instead, this is really popular in YouTube videos.

For some reason, guys getting hit between the legs is hilarious to many people in our society. No, I don't know why. It can't be just because I am a female I don't get it. Certainly some dudes have to hate seeing this lame form of entertainment, too. This is not a recent discovery either. Oh no, I've known something is wrong with our sense of humor since the early days of America's Funniest Home Videos when Bob Saget was laughing his head off at some poor dude bent over crying. Why is this funny? I just don't get it.

I've seen men ask their friends to kick, punch, or beat them in the privates. I've also seen guys falling off of bikes, skateboards, the roof, hillsides, etc. Everyone seems to think people getting hurt is funny. These videos start on YouTube and then go viral. Why are these being posted? I am embarrassed for the victims... why aren't they embarrassed, too? Oh, we are all going to hell in a handbasket. Chances are, if I went on YouTube right now, there probably is a video of someone going to hell in a handbasket, if that is even possible. And somewhere behind that camera, there is an idiot laughing at the situation.

Don't post photos of your criminal activities.

Let's face it, some of you are criminals. I know it and you know it. You are reading this right now, but you are thinking about some criminal activities for later tonight. You are plotting and coming up with a plan. Guess what? Don't take photos of your criminal activities and post it on Facebook. Guess who else uses Facebook? Police officers use Facebook! I happen to be friends with a police officer on Facebook, so I know this to be true!

Seriously, some of you deserve to get caught. If you are committing terrible crimes, you've just helped the police find you by posting your criminal acts online. In some ways, that is a good thing. However, if you were smart, you would realize not posting the photos might mean you are not getting caught. So the next time your partner in crime thinks taking a photo of you wearing your stolen outfit in front of the home you just burglarized while holding a stolen TV is a good idea, let him know he should hold off on that one.

It's all about having some dignity!

I believe my work here is done. I mean, I guess I did just encourage criminals and cheaters to hide their shameful activities a little better, so maybe that is not a good thing, but hey, I am just trying to teach some common sense around here. You know how the saying goes, "Common sense isn't as common as it used to be." Oh, that is so true. Just take a look around on Facebook pages and check out some YouTube videos, and you will see what I mean.

Just remember, as long as you have something called "dignity" in life, and you try to keep that dignity, you will probably do the right thing. If it is an embarrassing photo for you or someone else, just don't post it. If the video humiliates you or someone else, once again, just don't post it. These are simple rules to live by.

Copyright ©2012 Jeannieinabottle


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