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Graphcard: An online payment solution with a difference

Updated on June 10, 2010

 The internet has brought revolutionary changes to the lifestyle of people all around the world through it's enhancement of communication and interactions. One noticeable aspect is in the area of business (electronic commerce or E-Commerce); and online payment solutions stand out among the pack.

 Online payment solutions were developed to facilitate business transactions via the internet. They have eliminated the need for the use of conventional means of settlement for all kinds of commercial transactions. Benefits associated with these forms of payment include convenience, speed, safety, availability, reliability and flexibility.

 Graphcard is one online payment solution with a difference; while some others have restrictions on registration of people in certain regions of the world, which to me does not serve the spirit of a global community that the internet was developed to promote, anyone from any part of the globe can register for a Graphcard account.

This payment solution goes with this tagline: "shop online without having a credit card."

The following are features of this unique online payment solution:

- Free Registration

-Send money,pay for goods

-Load cash with prepaid card

-Secure and Safe

- Available worldwide.

For merchants and buyers alike, Graphcard has proven to be the most convenient and secure online payment choice around.

 I have been using this product for quite some time without any regrets.

 Graphcard sure is an online payment solution with a difference.

( PS:If you are interested, you can learn more at )




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