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Freelance Writers - Learn Adsense Optimization for Profits

Updated on June 23, 2011
Google Adsense
Google Adsense

Usually it could be safely assumed that writers write mainly because of two main reasons: to quench a thirst for writing and, the second, because writing is one of the best ways to make money online. If you are online reading about how to make money online using Google Adsense, then you are more than likely of the second genre. You don’t have to feel guilty; for all our sakes let us assume that you do the writing for the passion of it but decided that a little income on the side couldn’t hurt anyone. Now those people that write for more than one boss are called ‘freelancers ’. This article is for freelance article writers that use or have access to the ads that are displayed on the sites that they write on. And, as it is more likely than not that the first of internet ads that any writer will put on his site Google Adsense ads will be this article’s chosen one of the best ways of making money online.

Freelancers and Adsense Earnings

For freelancers to succeed in their writing careers, it is imperative that there is at least one thing that provides motivation. And when you are an online freelancer, this motivation can come as either traffic or the business that the traffic brings to your site.

The best way, to date, to convert the traffic to money is, undeniably, Google Adsense. This is the freelancers’ easy way to make money. All you need to do is write keyword intense articles, setup your Google account and then copy the code for the ads to your page, see the ads appear with the websites’ relevant content and sit back and wait for the visitors to come – that’s it. Or is it?

Adsense Optimization – the key to success

That is not it: The writer will come and check the earnings for a few days, weeks and even months but not a single cent will appear in the Google Adsense reports. Then he just gives up and says that it is not possible to make money using Google Adsense – he has tried it. And one of the easiest ways of making money online slips right through his fingers.

The key to success lies in the freelancer’s ability to implement Adsense optimization. This is done by making sure that the Adsense ads are tweaked and formatted so that they actually help in converting the visits into money for you. These few steps can easily boost your freelance Adsense earnings by double digits in almost no time:

    1- You want your readers to see your Google Adsense ads, so make sure that you place them as close as possible to the relevant content. Once Adsense starts bringing the relevant ads to your page, you wouldn’t want garden tools displayed next to the article about how to repair your car.

    2- While you are at it, there is no point in placing internet ads, and especially not Google Adsense ads that make money, where the visitor cannot see them. Make sure you place the ads above the fold (the bottom of the page before you have to scroll) because it takes only one glance before visitors decide whether or not they are going to stay; and Adsense ads that hold the eye with relevant ads have a very high chance of being clicked on. This means money for, you the freelance writer.

    3- People’s minds are stimulated by various things. This stimulation also varies from person to person. The whole secret behind advertisement, online or not, is the ability to attract and hold the attention of potential customers. Google has made studies that showed that the most popular ads are the:

        a. Medium Rectangle ads (300X250)

        b. Wide Skyscraper ads (160X600) and

        c. Leaderboard ads(728X90)

Also, the study showed that the people were more likely to click on ads that had a combination of both text and images alternating.

    4- Google Adsense ads are supposed to stand out and be noticed. If the whole idea is to make money with Google Adsense, then the ads must stand out. But standing out should be a careful affair: the ads should neither be too garish they tend to make the site look cheap and neither should they be bland, because people will then mistake them as contents of the site. The colors of the ads should also compliment the color of the site. Another study by Google has also shown that people preferred to click on the Google ads that had no borders as opposed to those that had borders.

    5- Each ad unit on a page should be considered as a separate source of Google Adsense revenue. And like a corporation that owns more than one business, you too should be able to analyze which of your businesses is making money for you and which is just an albatross around your neck. This can be done by another key step in Google Adsense optimization – creating custom channels. Channels are just Google’s way of grouping ad units so that further analysis can be done on them. Using this analysis you can determine which ads perform well and which others don’t. You can keep changing formats of the ads until you find the most profitable one.

    6- The first ad unit that is included in the web page is the Google Adsense unit that makes the most money. That is because Google sends in the advertisers that have bidden the most for the ads to show their ware in those ads. Therefore, the code or links to these ads should always be the first (as high as possible in the HTML code, for example) to ensure that they perform well for you.

Go forth and make money

If you follow these simple principles on making money, then your profits from making money online will be very bountiful. And then maybe you will be the one that will be spreading the news about how it is easy to make money online using Google Adsense.

Good luck with your business venture!


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