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Here's How I Learned To Make A Few Extra Dollars With My Blog!

Updated on December 22, 2012

Blogging for money is a great way to make a few extra dollars

If your primary goal as an internet marketer is to make a few extra dollars blogging, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to see some of the ways that I am able to make a few extra dollars blogging.

The average 9 - 5 Joe's and Jane's working in their average full time jobs are realizing that their full time jobs are no longer providing them with enough money to get by in their daily lives. It is these people, (you and me) that are turning to the internet in search of a better way or ways to make a few extra dollars.

I am a full time Joe and if you are reading this article, it is likely that you are a full time Joe or Jane, too. Let me guess.... You are looking for ways to make a few extra dollars, too. Just like me. Right? I'm sure you are, isn't everyone?

I make a few extra dollars on the internet. It is hard work, though! Let me tell you how I started to make money online.. Well, I just like you, spent countless hours searching the highways of cyberspace for that magical money making system and even bought some of them. However, after trying them out, I just sent them back and got a refund. Why? Because more often than not, they were just too darn difficult to set up or to learn how to use for beginners, and that's what I am - A Beginner.

Anyway, one day I decided to start a free blog at blogger and found that I have got so, so much to write about. I even surprised myself! I have been blogging for only a couple of months now, and I am actually really enjoying it. I enjoy it because, at last - I am actually making a few extra dollars. It's not a lot at the moment, but it is rising steadily month by month.

Therefore, for many people (not everyone), a blog is a really great way to start making a few extra dollars on the internet. Here's why.....

- They are free to set up. Not to mention easy!

- You can learn how to write and practice to your hearts content. A very important facet of being able to make money online is your ability to write.

- You can write about anything you wish, a hobby, family, your job or whatever.

- Blogs over at blogger can be monetized with adsense and amazon right from your blogs dashboard, saving time. They can also be monetized with Kontera (like hubs) or info links, or any other affiliated product that you would like to promote. Maybe even your own unique product.

- Last but not least, a blog can be used simply for the purpose of learning SEO and how to get back links etc. before you decide to pay for your own hosted dot com domain.

In summary. Anyone wishing to make a few extra dollars on the internet should have a go at blogging. If not anything else, it will be a useful learning experience.

P.S. I recently wrote an article at GoArticles titled Technology and the Creation of Millionaires and it outlines some reasons why you should try to harness the powers of the internet to better your life and make a few extra dollars. You can access it by clicking here!


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