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8 Ways To Make Money From Home

Updated on July 21, 2015

If you're looking to make extra cash from home and are sick of survey companies that do not actually provide you with surveys you are eligible to complete, then read on.

1) WorkSauce Affiliate Program

What is it: WorkSauce Affiliate Program offers members an opportunity to share in the revenue generated from Employer paid job postings on the site.

How it works: Once registered you will be able to access your unique Affiliate Marketing links/banners which you can then advertise in a variety of different ways. When an Employer clicks your link and posts a job on WorkSauce you will receive a cut of the revenue generated as a result.

Examples of how to advertise:

Write articles with Affiliate link included

Post on your blog/website

Post in related forums

Earning potential: WorkSauce Affiliate Marketers will earn 50% (pre-tax) of the completed sales derived from Employer paid job postings that occur through their unique affiliate links/banners (Within 30days).

What's different about WorkSauce Affiliate Program: Once an account has been created as a result of clicking your Affiliate link you will receive 35% (pre-tax) of any future sales made through that account. Something to think about - Some employers spend thousands of dollars every month on job listings.

Joining: Is free and easy, click Here to get started

2) HubPages

What is it: Hubpages is an online platform for writers to showcase and monetize their work. You do not have to be a professional to be apart of this great community as Hubpages' members have a wealth of knowledge and are very friendly and helpful.

How it works: Create informational articles (called Hubs) like this one and add advertising through the Hubpages ad program and Adsense. You can also advertise products relevant to your topic through Ebay &/or Amazon ads.

You will earn based on the number of daily visitors and when someone purchases a product you have advertised. You can also make money when you refer others to Hubpages.

It is up to you to market your work through Facebook, Twitter and other social media to increase readership/visitors.

Examples of articles:


How to's

Book, Movie, product reviews

Stories - fact or fiction

Earning potential: Making money on Hubpages does not happen instantly and it does take time and hard work. If you write about topics you are knowledgeable on and put in the effort to market your work you will see the rewards. The best part about this is, you will continue to earn from old articles which means you can make a passive income.

The amount you make directly correlates to the time and effort you put into your articles.

Joining: Is free and easy to join click here to get started

3) Fiverr

What is it: A market place for people to advertise what they will do for $5. This is a great way to make money for not only those who have a special talent, but for those who can come up with something quirky and unique.

How it works: Create your "Gig" and share it on Fiverr, you will be notified when someone orders your product/service, your Fiverr account balance will be credited with $4 (48 hours after the work has been completed) then you can cash out to your Paypal account.

Examples of existing gigs: Create a short promotional video, Create a video testimonial for your product, Draw your caricature, convert your website to an android app, break bad news to someone, voice over video/soundtrack, give relationship advice, a detailed psychic reading etc.

Earning potential: If you can provide a product or service that individuals/businesses want or need then you will make money. The most popular gigs involve creating backlinks and generating traffic for websites, advertising a product or service on twitter/facebook that has a huge fan base or contact list, voice over work etc.
$4 doesn't seem like much but even if you only have 10 orders per day that is $40 which is $14,600 per year. Some will make more and some less but this is definitely a good way to make some extra money.

Joining: Its free and its easy. Provide your email address, create and username and password, read and agree to the terms and conditions, answer the simple test question ie: 4+3 = ?, and click join.

What would you do for $5??
Check it out HERE!

4) Buy & Sell

What is it: Simply put, buy something for less than its worth and sell it for more than you purchased it for.

How it works: Find items at thift/second hand stores, garage/yard sales and estate sales etc, always bargain for a cheaper rate than advertised even if its only $10 or $20, and list those items on Craigslist, Ebay and other like sites and a higher price than paid for each item and start making profit. You can also use auction/classified sites to find items and list them on other auction/classified sites. Look for products on high demand such as cell phones (iphones, blackberrys), unique furniture and collectibles. Ask questions regarding warranties and test the products to ensure they are in good condition and working order. Make sure you do some research into high demand products and what they typically sell for before making any purchases. This will allow you to know when you have found a bargain that you can easily resell and make some money from.

Useful Websites: Craigslist, Ebay, Kijiji, Gumtree

Earning potential: Pick the right products and you could make a few hundred dollars a month on the side.

If you specialize in electronic repairs or furniture restoration your earning potential is much higher as you can buy items for a significantly lower price and fix/restore them.

5) Sell Photos

If you are good photographer this one is for you.

How is works: Submit your best photos and companies purchasing stock photos will browse and download photos they want to use for advertising for example. Each time your photos are downloaded the company pays and you receive a percentage.

Stock Photography Sites: istockphoto, shutterstock, fotolia

Earning potential: Decent photographers can make a nice paycheck. If you are an amature then fine tune your skills by watch tutorials on photography and practice so that you produce high quality stock photos. Low quality photos will be rejected along with anything showing a recognizable brand, building or person (unless you have permission to photograph and sell it, which you must prove)

Tips: Read the terms and conditions and go with companies that do not require you to solely work with them. Submit your work to a number of these sites and hit a larger audience.

Joinging: Can be lengthy process as you need to complete the application, complete a knowledge test, send in Identification and taxation information, in some countries (US and Canada), submit examples of your work for review and approval or rejection.

6) Create your own merchandise

This one is for those of you who have a flair for design and would love to create and sell your own merchandise but have no idea where to start.

How is works: The artist submits original designs, chooses the products to print them on and the products are displayed in an online store. The customers browse items and place their order, the company produces the products then pack and ship them directly to your customers. Again you are responsible for advertising your store, generating traffic and sales.

Examples of companies:,

The great thing about sites like Zazzle and Cafepress is they are user-friendly, you do not handle any inventory and there is an already established online community of buyers and designers.

Earning potential: You make a cut from each product sold so if your designs are up to date, catchy on the eye, clever and original it's an excellent way to showcase your skills and make some money at the same time.
You could potentially create a popular brand which if becomes successful enough could lead to bigger ventures. Not a bad way to make money from home.

Joining: Should be free to join and easy to set up an account.

7) Mechanical Turk

What is it: An online workforce created by which allows the worker to complete HIT's (tasks) and get paid for them either via Amazon gift card or if you are in the US, direct to your US bank account.

How it works: Business to post HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) then you, the worker, complete these HITs. When the HIT is completed it will be sent to the provider for approval or rejection, which can take anywhere from about 2 hours to 48 hours. If approved you will see the amount added to your total earnings on your dashboard. You can also view how many HITs in total you have completed, how many were approved, in pending, rejected etc. Each hit will have a different expected accuracy percentage that you are required to maintain somewhere around 95%. If you fall below the accuracy percentage you can be locked out of that HIT meaning you are not able to complete anymore.

You will commence each type of HIT in training mode and once you successfully complete training you can begin to make money from HITs. It takes a few attempts before you can complete the task quickly so keep at it. Try a range of different HIT's to find the ones you are most suited to.

Example of a HIT: Attempt to find a businesses official Facebook page by using the 2 links provided. To determine if you have found the correct page you must match the Business name and address and/or phone number. Answer the question "did you find the official site?" by clicking either "yes" or "no". If yes copy and paste the url from the info section on the Facebook page, if no, move to the next one. You must answer approx 10 of these per HIT and each HIT pays about $0.20c.

How many HITs are there: Right now there are over 200,000 HITs available. Please note: You may not be qualified to complete all of the HIT's, so click on the "Hits available to you" link on your dashboard and you wont waste time searching through hits and find one you are interested in, only to be told you can not complete the hit.

Earning Potential: HITs pay anywhere from $0.01c - $10 and can take anywhere from 1min-several days to complete. This is a good way to build up some extra spending money but don't quit your day job as it will be just that.. extra cash. The above facebook related HIT can be completed in about 2mins and pays approx $0.20c per HIT. If you worked non stop 2 hours per day, you could complete approximately 60 HITs which would earn you about $12, that's $4,380 per year extra cash. If watch about 2 hours of television per night why not complete HITs at the same time. Attention to detail and efficiency are important to get the tasks completed accurately and quickly enough to make it worth while.

Joining: Free and easy.

8) Drop Shipping

What is it: A service that allows product orders to be placed directly through to the manufacturer or wholesaler via various online methods. The product is then packed and delivered directly to the customer.

How is works: Create an online store (website) advertising the products of your choice from the list provided to you buy the company you are working with. You are responsible for generating traffic, advertising, site up keep and generating sales. Customers browse the site, place their order and the drop shipping provider takes care of the rest. Your pofit is the difference between the wholesale and the retail price. There is no need to handle any inventory which is great as this can easily be done from your lounge room. Some companies will set you up with your own ready to go store, for a fee of course, which is a good way to go if you are not comfortable creating your own website.
If you are not interested in your own online store you can advertise the products on Ebay and other auction sites via your own unique link you are provided with. This is less professtional and you wont make as much money.

Company: The PowerSellers Union

Earning potential: research hot products and find clever ways to advertise and you could be sitting back and watching the checks roll in.

Joining: If you are creating your own store you should not be charged a fee to join forces with the manufacturer/wholesaler. If don't have any experience in website design and are looking for an easy to use website builder I would suggest or

The Power Sellers Union charge a fee as they not only provide you with wide variety of wholesalers/manufacturers to choose from, they also provide a number of affordable options when it comes to setting up your online store and easy to use do it yourself options.

Important: Do your research on drop shipping companies by reading reviews on forums before signing up, there are plenty of scams out there.


Some of these money makers will make you a little extra cash and others have the potential to make you a lot of money, depending on how much time and effort you want to put in.

Check out - What it takes to be successful

You wont know until you give it a go. Good luck everyone.

Which one will you try?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Thank you for your review of cashback research! It was VERY helpful to me and saved me time that would have been wasted! Thank you so much!

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thoughtfulgirl2 - Sorry very late reply! I haven't been on here for a long time. Yes we make money through the Hubpages ad program, ebay and Amazon :)

    • thoughtfulgirl2 profile image


      3 years ago from East Coast

      Good honest hub, thanks for the input and by the way the only ads we hubbers can put on hubpages are through amazon and ebay, correct?

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank you for your kind feedback :)

    • alocsin profile image


      6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Excellent ideas for making extra cash in these economic times. Voting this Up and Useful.


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