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Make Money With A Pampered Chef Business

Updated on November 3, 2009

Pampered Chef Business

A Pampered Chef business is an exciting opportunitity to make money especially in a down economy. More people are eating in and therefore need the tools to create exciting dishes at home. Pampered Chef has many incentives and opportunities for a person to be amazingly successful in this fast growing home based business.

Learn why pampered chef products are so popular and determine if you have what it takes to become a Pampered Chef sales consultant.

pampered chef
pampered chef

Make Money At Home

 I have a couple of friends who have started their own pampered chef businesses and if I had been looking for a business venture, this is one I definitely would have pursued.  After all, I happily use most of their products!

This business is perfect for the stay at home mom who is looking to earn a little extra income.  The ability to adjust the business according to personal needs is priceless.  If you need to be home with the kids during the day, you can schedule home cooking shows in the evenings.

Right now, with the job market in a slump, businesses like this are ideal.  You have some control over the money you make.  The initial investment to start a pampered chef business is just $155 for supplies. 

Depending on the goals set for yourself, the income earned can either be a little extra spending money or a strong salary.  To give an idea, two shows a week can mean $750 a month.  Obviously, the more shows you do the more money potential you have.

Since many people are choosing to eat in to save money, they may require more cooking and baking supplies.  Most people enjoy going to pampered chef parties because of the great food that is prepared.  Once they see the tools in action, they are going to want to buy them for themselves.  It is a fun party atmosphere that hardly feels like working at all.

The recipes that pampered chef comes up with to make at the parties are very easy to do.  Whoever is hosting the party for you will supply the ingredients.  I know because I hosted several parties!  All you have to do is show up to the hostess house with your tools and demonstrate.  The hostess is responsible for cleaning her house, inviting the guests and getting the food ingredients.  Of course the hostess is duly awarded as I was!

Wedding Registries

Now Pampered Chef also offers a wedding registry. This certainly increases your sales potential and should be a focus of conversation at a home party. Getting the word out at parties or your own personal website or even a bridal expo is a huge advantage. There is always someone who knows of a person getting married!

If you can get a bride to be to register, your sales can go through the roof. Once she starts using the products, after the wedding, she will be guaranteed to be a repeat customer. I even dare say that all those looking through the catalog or website at her registry will see something that perks their interest as well. This means even more customers for you!

Personal Website: The ability to have your own personal website for on-line sales skyrockets your sales potential. This is an especially effective tool for repeat customers. It seems to be easier for people to periodically check your website versus calling you for new orders. A website also allows you to continually highlight hot new items.

Pampered Chef Business Cards

 If you go into business, you will definitely want to invest in some personalized pampered chef business cards.  Promotion is key to a successful business.  Having an eye catching business card in the hands of potential customers ups your chances for business.

You will definitely want to includes a website address along with other pertinent information such as telephone number and email address.

Hand these out to friends, neighbors and family.  In fact, give them extra to pass on to people they know.  Have a bride include them in a shower invitation along with her registry information.  Some restaurants or businesses will have a bulletin board just for business cards.  Make sure to tack one up there.

pampered chef products
pampered chef products
apple peeler corer slicer
apple peeler corer slicer

Pampered Chef Products

I wouldn't get excited about selling just anything. Pampered Chef products are truly outstanding. The stones for baking provide even baking consistency. The gadgets are all sturdy and very well made. I have some of the cookware that is holding up incredibly well, keeping it's non-stick finish.

My absolute, number one all time favorite product is the apple peeler corer slicer. It's even fun to say! This was the very first thing that I bought, about fifteen years ago, and after slicing several thousands of apples it is still in tip top condition. It makes making apple crisp or apple pie so much easier. I used to hate the cutting up of apples. Now I look forward to it!

On the video below are so more products that were highlighted on Real Life.

Pampered Chef On Real Life


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