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Allowance And Easy Ways For Kids To Make Money

Updated on October 5, 2010

How Kids Can Make Money

The question is often asked, "How can kids make money?" In today's economy it can be harder than ever to provide our kids with an allowance for their wants or so-called must haves. If they can find ways to make some of their own money, it can lighten the load for parents a little plus give the kids a great sense of accomplishment.

Thinking back to my own childhood, I can remember times when I deperately wanted some extra spending money. My siblings and I would think long and hard and then would come up with some solutions. I will share what we did plus give some tips on other ways for kids to earn money.

Kids make money!
Kids make money!

How To Make Money Fast

As kids, when we needed money, we needed it now! There could be a new item just jumping off the shelves at the store or possibly just a craving for some candy and we only needed about fifty cents. Whatever the case may be, when we needed the money we had to think fast.

Toy Sale: One great thing my siblings and I did was sell all our belongings. No, actually we would weed through our toys to see what we didn't want anymore. Then we would price them accordingly and set them up for a yard sale. Once everything was in place we would round up the neighbor kids. They would come with their dollars and cents and leave happily with new toys. We in turn would end up with fists full of cash and head to the store.

All of this was done on our own so hopefully we didn't lose out too much. Of course we should have asked permission and I would recommend being an overseer to such an endeavor if your children wish to do this. It all could be done much more professionally with fliers and signs as well.  It is a great business experience and good for recycling.

Lemonade Stand: Another quick way for us to make money was to do something similar to the typical lemonade stand. In addition to lemonade or kool-aid, I would also make cookies, at least they looked something like a cookie, to sell with it. We simply put a stand out by the road. If your child likes to bake, this could be a fun idea.

More - Ideas For Making Money

 Babysitting:  For kids who are around twelve and older, babysitting for neighbors and friends is a great way to make money.  It is usually a good idea for your child to take some kind of babysitting class first, especially if they will be watching babies.

Many times, neighbors won't know when a child reaches babysitting age.  Having your child send out fliers, advertising her availability, to families with small children is a good idea.  This shows both interest and good initiative.  Parents will most likely call on someone in the neighborhood who has sent out a flier.

Mowing Lawns and Snow Shoveling:  Just like babysitting, if your child sends out a flier advertising their services, they probably will have a good chance of getting some business.  They won't want to advertise too far from home since most likely they will be walking to their jobs.

Pet Care:  In my neighborhood, this is a very popular job with the kids.  Almost everyone has a pet and almost everyone travels at some time or other.  Your child could stay busy feeding, walking and playing with animals.  Again, have your child let neighbors know he likes taking care of pets.  Communication is half the battle.

Picking Berries:  If you live near a berrie farm, picking berries for the farmer can be a great job that a child can do.  It is a lot of work, especially if it is blueberries, but a child will appreciate the income.  Any type of farm or greenhouse can probably use younger workers.  I can remember my brother working in an onion field picking onions.  He was happy to make money but he didn't come home smelling too good.


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    • profile image

      Best CD Rates 8 years ago

      My first earned money was through Picking Berries when i was a kid. This is a great way to built confidence in kids to earn something and to perform something. You have mentioned some great ideas here.

    • Song-Bird profile image

      Renee Hanlon 8 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks Ambition! I think the more kids can do for themselves, the more confidence they build. It also helps to teach them a healthy respect for money.

    • Ambition398 profile image

      Ambition398 8 years ago

      I think it's a great idea for kids to earn money like that. Great ideas!