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Monetize your Mobile Traffic

Updated on February 15, 2016

Learn to Monetize Mobile Traffic With OGAds

What is OGAds? OGAds, formerly known as OGMobi, is a content locking solution that offers one of the first ways to monetize mobile traffic. This company has been my favorite to work with because it provides options to monetize mobile traffic and desktop traffic. In this article I will be focusing on the mobile monetization aspect of OGAds.

OGAds offers multiple methods to monetize mobile traffic. You can either lock a webpage with a mobile content locker, or create a rewards program. The minimum payout is $50.00. This may seem like a lot, but since OGAds has such a high conversion rate, it is actually quite simple. I personally make this much in a day, so it is achievable. Money is can be withdrawn through PayPal, Wire Transfer, ACH Direct Deposit, Payoneer Bank Transfer, and a Prepaid MasterCard. Now let's get into the monetization methods.

The way the mobile content locker works is similar to the way desktop content lockers work except it is much easier to complete an offer on a mobile device. Often times on desktops you must fill out a survey, and even when you complete an offer, it usually doesn't work. This means the user can't access the content, and you do not get paid. The mobile content locker from OGAds on the other hand is simple. All the user has to do is download a free app and then run it. Once they return to the webpage it will be unlocked. It is that simple. Since offers are easier to complete, there is a much higher conversion rate. My desktop conversion rate is about 2% while my mobile conversion rate is 54%.

The rewards program is an interesting way to earn money. The way it works is the user downloads free apps in exchange for points. Each point is worth $0.01. A typical app is around 40 points, so each download is worth around $0.40. The points a user earns are then redeemable for awards that you choose. You can allow access to a member only area, give access to a photo vault, or send a PayPal check. Remember, each point is worth $0.01, so you should make a $1.00 PayPal credit worth 200 points so you still make a profit. Click here to view an example of a rewards wall. Feel free to download an app! (:


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