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Network Marketing Leads

Updated on August 17, 2009

Network Marketing Leads

If you have ever attempted to build a network marketing business, you will quickly agree that after prospecting what they call your “warm market” (i.e., friends, family, co-workers, etc.) and finding out that the people closest to you can often be the ones that misunderstand you most, it becomes apparent that you may need some help finding network marketing leads in order to sustain your business. If there’s one thing that keeps a network marketing business thriving, it is what they call “new blood” coming into the business, which is basically the list of contacts that you develop as you go out and about in your daily life. It’s simply not very easy to walk up to a stranger, not knowing anything at all about him/her, and expecting to automatically “hit it off” and present your business opportunity to them without looking like a sleazy salesman. Although the basic purpose of you contacting someone in the first place is to find out if they’re interested in your business, there’s an uncomfortable element that’s present if you feel like you have to “sell them” on the opportunity first before they would be willing to commit to learning more about the business, and/or joining your downline. This dilemma alone gave rise to the idea of having companies that could provide pre-qualified network marketing leads for purchase. What I mean by “pre-qualified” is that these companies have collected data such as contact information on people who have already expressed an interest in being a part of a network marketing or multi-level marketing business. The difference between talking to someone who is actually already interested in what you have to offer versus talking to someone who doesn’t really care either way and feels like you’re “pushy” or forcing them to do something can be the difference between night and day. One of my favorite quotes of all time (which I actually learned from being in a network marketing business) is “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” This is so true; people are always going to do exactly what they want to do, and even if they join your network marketing business because they don’t want to hurt your feelings, or because you put on a convincing sales pitch, in the long run they will not last, because they didn’t do it based on their own convictions. It’s much better to deal with people who actually are already looking for what you have to offer instead of trying to find a “needle in a haystack”, so to speak.

Image courtesy of Microsoft Office Clip Art
Image courtesy of Microsoft Office Clip Art

Network Marketing Leads: How it Works

So this is where the companies that generate network marketing leads come into play. These companies (and I’ll avoid specific company names to keep it fair) normally price their leads on a per-lead basis, meaning you will pay a certain dollar amount for the contact information of each interested person they have in their database. Most of these companies claim to have interviewed these people by phone or some other type of survey method, and also claim that the leads are “fresh”, meaning these people have shown interest within the past 7 to 14 days from the time of purchase. I’m not exactly sure how they can substantiate the validity of that data, but I’m just telling you what they advertise. One thing I can say in doing my research for this hub, and that is that the MLM lead generation industry has become a whale of a lot more sophisticated than it was ten years ago when I was pursuing network marketing leads. Back then, you would get an extremely over-used list of names with inaccurate contact information, and basically it would be the same recycled names 10 times over. There was no mention of “fresh” leads or people that had been interviewed by phone; most of the names on the list were basically people that expressed some type of interest in network marketing by ordering something through the mail. Some of the names on the list were people that actually were trying to purchase network marketing leads for themselves! Talk about a joke. But now there seems to be a little bit more accountability in place. One thing to definitely remember is that with network marketing leads, you will get what you pay for, no doubt about it. Pricing for these leads is normally on what’s known as a “sliding scale”, meaning, the more leads you buy, the cheaper they are per lead. Most companies offer these network marketing leads in increments of 25 all the way up to 200 and sometimes more, depending on the company. Average cost that I’ve seen is between $3.00 to $4.00 per lead. Purchasing network marketing leads can definitely be viewed as a tax-deductible business expense, but as with any other accounting item, please check with a qualified professional to confirm that. All in all, buying network marketing leads is nowadays simply the cost of doing more effective business. If price is an obstacle and you cannot purchase leads, you can still build a network marketing business, but believe you me, it will be a much longer and more difficult road.


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