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quitting your job

Updated on July 25, 2008

walking through fear to greener pasteur

Walking through fear to greener grass

I left the public service to enter private practice as a salaried consultant in 1999. It was a frightening experience. It was, however, peanuts, compared with the fright I had to go through in 2006 when I made my next move, to be a self-employed consultant on fee for service terms. I'm sure many of you would have the same doubts:

Will the ends meet?

What if they hire someone in-house to lower their costs?

What if the economy changes?

My spouse is not working. Can I take the risk with the sole income of the family?

What if I have more than one assignment at the same time, will I have the resources to cope, now that I am on my own?

What happens if the rent goes up?

What happens if salaries go up?

What happens if my secretary walks out on me?

It was depressing and stressful to go through those questions. I have in fact forgotten how I answered each one of them. Now that eighteen months have lapsed, I can laugh at the questions. They are right questions to ask? However, in a way, they are also wrong questions to ask. They are so trivial, compared with the most important question: "Do you trust yourself enough?" My employer obviously trusted me enough to have employed me for seven years, giving me raises every year. The raises were probably given to detour me from leaving them and working for other employers, possibly their competitors. Realizing that, I should possible hire myself as I would probably treat myself better than any other employer would. If I should become less productive, my boss, i.e., myself will suffer. Hence, my productivity would likely go up.

To those going through similar circumstances, here's my penny's worth:

Work for the employer who will treat you best.

Work for the employer who will not sacrifice you for the sake of higher profit.

Work for the employer you trust most.

This employer may be someone you trust in and admire more than yourself. If not, you might well be working for yourself.

P.S. Try this only if you can provide for your family on no new income for at least six months.


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