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Being A Salesman

Updated on June 14, 2009

Who Should Read This

For those who work in a Sales department. For those who want to know other opinions about sales and other experiences and want to use this things to be one step closer to perfection. For those who does not understand that if they want to do something then they have to do it in a professional way because only the best can succeed.

How To Begin

  • You have this job. Considering you spend the most of your time, working, you must make sure that you like what you do. So never accept a job which you hate (unless you are unemployed and you desperate need money).
  • Make sure that you communicate with your co-workers. It is great to have someone to help you when you need. You can't reach best performance only by yourself. From time to time you need some help. If they help you, when they ask for help, return the favour.
  • Never argue with your boss. If he is coming mad and yell at you, just don't say anything till he calms down. After this you can step in his office and have an open talk about the mistake he yield at you for, and other things that bothers you.
  • Every time you have something to say just say it. Be natural and never lie (keep in mind that is a big difference between a lie and avoiding the answer). Make sure you look and smell good. When you are a salesman you interact with lots of people. A fresh look and a good smell will give you a plus. And by the way: wear a watch. It represents punctuality (it's a psychological thing).
  • When you go to work try (i know it is hard) to leave all your problems beside. Focus on what you are doing. If you are in a bad mood, you will influence people you are working with.

Greet Your Customers

  • Be a client! This is the way you can find out how to treat your clients.

How do you feel when you, as a client, enter a store and no one asks you nothing. How do you feel when you go to a store and say: "i would like to buy this mp3 player". The salesman sale the player to you but without saying anything. Not even a word. I personally feel like that guy had something else to do and i disturbed him.

When you see a client entering you location, try to make he/she understand that if he/she needs some information you are available.Try to be natural and do not use stereotypes such as: "good afternoon, may i help you". Improve, great your clients naturally.

  • What about if you are busy with another client?

You are busy counselling a client and someone else is waiting to talk to you. I went in a few stores and where i saw that the salesman is busy with a client, i went there and wait to see the salesman reaction. Of course, no reaction. I was like an invisible man. So my advice. If you are busy with a client and another one is looking towards you, all you have to do is... make a simple sign: smile, greet, tilt head. Make him understand that you saw him and as soon as you are available you will try to help.

  • Make an impression about people you interact

When you see your client for the first time try to make an impression about his personality, social category, education. Analise everything. From they way it is dressed to the way it talks. This is important later in selling process. Try not to get folded as i did sometime. Just because some person have dirty clothes or looks untidy does not mean that he's from low class society. You will learn to figure this out only in time after you accumulate some experience in this domain.

Which is the best product? Counseling Your Customers

If you want your customer to be satisfied with what they get from you, you have to give them the proper product. But keep in mid that a product that it's the best for one person can be useless for another. So how can you know which is the best product for each of your customers? It's simple. Just ask. If you are selling computers, for example, you have to find out for who is going to use that computer and in what domain. Which is the best configuration that your customer needs. If the client will use that computer only for surfing the Internet, it is useless to give him a computer with gamer configuration. You just have to ask. In this manner the customer will pay only what he needs and will save some money. It is true that the goal of commerce is to make as much money as you can, but this not mean that you have to lie your customers. Even if you get to sell a cheaper product, that client will be satisfied. And a satisfied client will always return. The same thing happens with an unsatisfied client. Sooner or later he will return to tell you that you were wrong. So never sell something without trying to find out what your customer really needs. Have an open-talk to your client, smile (gives you're clients a good mood), be interested in what he says. Make him believe that you are really an expert.

When talking to customers never be rude or unpolite. Never argue. There are some customers that belive that they do not need counseling in buying something and that they now everything in that domain. Of course in many cases they don't. But never aregue with them. Talk to them using adequate language and terms that he can understand. If you have nothing in common with computers and you come into my store and i am using terms like processor, wlan, bios and so on you will not understand a thing. make them belive they are right but bring them to same opinion as yours. Be polite.

One of the rule is never say "no" to customers. It is one of the most important things in this domain.

Example: Customer: "do you have the new Nokia N97?" Salesman: "No". It does not sound good. The customer will turn around an leave forever. What about this situation? Client: "do you have the new Nokia N97?" Salesman: "Unfortunately it is too soon, but in the future you will find that product in our store". It is still a "no" but with other words. Try to recommend another product with the same characteristics. If he asked for a product maybe he just need it urgently. Ex: Salesman "instead of N97 i can recommend you <another model> which have almost the same characteristics". You might sell something else by applying this method.

* Advice: You should buy some specialised books about selling from time to time, find out new methods of selling. This hub contains only few information. To be a good seller you have to periodiucally update you knowledge. *

How To Handle Rude And Unpolite Customers

Being a salesman you interact with a lot of people daily. Some of them are in a good humour some of the are not. You just have to be kind with everybody. Sometime unsatisfied customers come back very mad and tells you that you fooled them. They will never admit that it is they're fault (in case it really is). But you still must be polite. Try not to rise your voice, try to make that client understand that it is better to calm down and to talk instead of yelling. And as usual you can solve the problem just by asking specific questions to find out what is the problem and how can you help the customer. When the client ask you something give him the answer without any hesitations. If you are sure on the information you know and give prompt answers the client will see that you are a trustworthy specialist but if you hesitate he will figure that you hide something or try to trick him. Make sure every customer walks out of your store with all of his problem solved. If you can'd keep in touch with him. Take o phone number and try to get help in order to resolve the problem.

The Importance Of A Satisfied Customer

A satisifed customer is verry important. There are many ways customers find you, your store, your product or your service. A satisfied customer will bring you other customers. If he likes the way you helped, he will recommand you to others. So you keep him (because next time he needs the services you provide he will return) and eventually gain more cilents. In most of the times, the opposit hapens when he walks out but he is unsatysified with your services.


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      Cara 8 years ago

      This advices helped me. I had to do a negotiation for my workplace. Great. I'l subscribe. You have any RSS?