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Sears Canada Promo Codes and History

Updated on April 13, 2015

Be a Frugal Shopper with Promo Codes

Online shopping with Sears promo codes is geared for the frugal shopper. The common sense shopper who is constantly searching for bargains, deals online, and the smartest shoppers know how to save time searching and saving money with the right promo code site that does all that work for you.

I know because I am a frugal shopper. I have spent time online searching for varies codes on products and online services. Now that I know about, this will be the first place I will go to before going directly to the website where I plan on making a purchase at.

The history of how something got started is something I like to investigate as a researcher. I will share some of the history of Sears in Canada with you too.

Sears Memorable of Fashion and History - Discover the Fashion of the Early 1900s

Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalogs: Late 1950s (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalogs: Late 1950s (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

Meet the book that defined fashion for generations of Americans in the twentieth century-the Sears Catalog. European couture designs were beautiful in fashion magazines but the average person with an average income shopped for clothing in department stores. The Sears Catalog brought household goods and fashionable clothing to everyone, whether they had access to a department store or not. Pictured here is clothing for men, women, and children taken from actual Sears Catalogs from the late 1950s, along with descriptions and original prices. Current values for some items are included as a reference guide for collectors of 1950s vintage clothing. Who can forget slim sheaths and whirly skirts, rolled-up dungarees and pedal pushers, bouffant slips and taffeta prom gowns, fraternity prep jackets and children's western wear? With more than 400 color photographs, this book offers a nostalgic look into fashionable clothing of an era which defined an entire generation.

From description


How Sear Began in Canada

Sears Moncton Canada Wikipedia Commons
Sears Moncton Canada Wikipedia Commons

It was 1858 Robert Simpson opened his dry goods store in Newmarket, Ontario. Fire destroyed the store in 1870. Two years later in 1872, it reopened in Toronto. Then shortly before Robert Simpson's death in 1897, the company renamed in May 1886 as Robert Simpson Company Limited.

Robert Simpson's wife sold the business in 1898 and the changed to Simpson's where this logo kept over the years.

In 1952 Simpson's and Sears, Roebuck and Company, a U.S. department store chain formed a partnership. Simpsons-Sears Limited began operation in 1952 in Toronto. This is separate from the Simpson's store chain. Simpsons-Sears Limited was a catalogue and department store chain.

The city of Mississauga, was the first store that was named Sear by the Simpsons-Sears Corporate. This was to avoid confusion with the Simpson's stores. Later all Simpsons-Sears stores were renamed to Sears.

Smart Shoppers Save with Promo Codes

There are two types of promotions with Sears and YesSavings Canada. One is the coupon codes. These are labeled as "Get Coupon Code" which you paste it in the checkout form when ordering. The other one is Sears deals & discounts. These you click on the button called as "Activate Coupon" to receive the discounts directly on the Sears site.

The goal of this free site, YesSavings Canada is to help the customer save time and money.

Promo codes (also known as coupon codes) usually have an expiration date. Just like regular paper coupons. These coupons are updated on a regular basis and the expired coupons and deals are added to the bottom of the page to show what deals had been presented.

Here are the coupon and promotional deals that are listed presently for Sears. Tax software and tax preprogram, save $5 to 20%. Special deals on Elizabeth Arden, Clarins, clearance items, dresses, appliances and Sears Connect Home Services.

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