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How to Get Low Rate SR22 Car Insurance Tips

Updated on February 9, 2010

Why You Need An SR22 Car Insurance

Not every day can be a lucky day, especially when it comes to driving and road safety. Accidents happen inevitably due to neglect of safety, carelessness or just plain and sheer stupidity. Different states have different laws which can lead to the suspension of your license such as drinking under the influence of alcohol or DUI, driving without car insurance, to driving with a suspended license. And since accidents can't be predicted (nonetheless prevented,) the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV has ensured and devised a way to make sure that car drivers will be better and responsible drivers on the road. This is the SR22 car insurance. Read on because this article will teach and show you what the SR22 car insurance is and how to make your SR22 car insurance policy cheaper.

Don't Drink And Drive

Accidents happen inevitably due to neglect of safety, carelessness or just plain and sheer stupidity.
Accidents happen inevitably due to neglect of safety, carelessness or just plain and sheer stupidity.

SR22 Car Insurance Defined

Let's find out what the SR22 car insurance is first. SR22 isn't a type of insurance. The SR22 is a form filed by car insurance companies as proof of financial responsibility to the court or DMV. The SR22 car insurance is usually part of reinstatement process for car insurance policy holders who were convicted of serious traffic violations which lead to the suspension of their driving license. In a nutshell, an SR22 is a form showing proof that you have a certain type of at least the minimum liability insurance required by the state. 

Special Characteristics of the SR22 Car Insurance

Since SR22 car insurance is very different, it possesses special characteristics which are different from other car insurance policies. These specific differences are recognized when 1) you have SR22 car insurance but moved to another state, you are required by law to finish the SR22 car insurance filing period for your previous state. Your insurance policy for your new state must have coverage which at least meets the minimums required by your former state which can be quite difficult if the liability limits are different between your old and new states. 2)States such as Oklahoma, Kentucky, Delaware, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and New Mexico does not require SR22 car insurance. But if you have one and moved to any of these states, you are still required to complete the process in the state where you committed the traffic violation. 

The Science of Drunk Driving

Drunken Tilting Technique
Drunken Tilting Technique

How to Decrease Your SR22 Car Insurance Rates

Since car insurance companies sees traffic violators as high-risk drivers, especially those who had their licenses suspended, expect the SR22 car insurance rates to be higher compared with normal car insurance policies. But there are ways to make sure your SR22 car insurance is the most appropriate in terms of coverage and your budget.

1. Shop around for SR22 car insurance. There are many ways to compare SR22 car insurance rates particularly over the internet which is free of charge and secure.

2. Examine the coverage and conditions of your chosen SR22 car insurance policy to help you decide easily and what's ideal.

3. Ask for discounts. It would not hurt to ask for any SR22 car insurance discounts that may be available to you.

4. Compare SR22 car insurance quotes using car insurance quotes comparison websites. Get as many free SR22 car insurance quotes as you possibly can. When shopping for SR22, make sure you choose at least five SR22 car insurance companies and pick which car insurance quotes suits your needs best.

5. Find reputable car insurance companies that specialize in high risk SR22 car insurance.

It is best to take your time when choosing the right insurance company for you. Analyze the policy's provisions and comparing rates before buying are the best things to do to make sure you are purchasing the best SR22 car insurance policy for you.

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The Inspiration Behind This SR22 Car Insurance Article

Austin Davis is a pioneer in the auto repair business and has spent most of his life at the shop his grandfather founded in 1937. He was groomed to take over the family business ever since he was a small boy and has spent numerous hours attending hands-on training courses from air conditioning repair to paint and body re-finishing. He graduated from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas with a degree in business and became the president of their company. At present, Austin enjoys writing, is a successful and innovative entrepreneur and a good, loving father to his kids and a great husband to his wife.  

If you want to compare quotes and get a copy of free his ebook entitled "What Your Mechanic Doesn't Want You to Know," click here

Fast, Free, Secure!

Compare Your SR22 Car Insurance Quotes, Now!
Compare Your SR22 Car Insurance Quotes, Now!

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