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Ten Things You Have To Do To Get Cheap California Auto Insurance

Updated on December 13, 2008

Acquiring Cheap California Auto Insurance

Every responsible car driver, specifically in California which is known for having high auto insurance rates, is looking for a cheap California auto insurance policy. It is their right to find a car insurance company which can provide them an insurance policy that is affordable and will provide them sufficient coverage. Luckily, they don't have to worry because getting a cheap California auto insurance is not complicated to acquire than it seems.

The 3 Best Things To Do In California:

Surfing, car surfing, and surfing the internet for cheap auto California insurance! :p
Surfing, car surfing, and surfing the internet for cheap auto California insurance! :p

10 Cheap California Auto Insurance Tips And Tricks

Finding an ideal cheap California auto insurance can be easily compared with shopping for goods and services. And if you're from California and looking for auto insurance, you want something that you can use and rely on for an affordable and low price. Get that cheap California auto insurance by following the tips and tricks of the ten things you have to do to get cheap California auto insurance below.

Cheap California Auto Insurance Tip Number 8:

Choose your car wisely
Choose your car wisely

The 10 Cheap California Auto Insurance Tips And Tricks

1. If you live in California and you are using your car for business purposes, you shouldn’t be. Using your car all the time will give you skyrocketing auto insurance premiums. If you want to get cheap California auto insurance, use your car less or just for pleasure driving.

2. Got arrested for DUI or beating the red light? Got caught doing a traffic violation? Getting traffic citations all the time makes you a high-risk driver, thus higher auto insurance premiums. To get cheap California auto insurance, be a defensive driver and aim for that clean driving record to get lower auto insurance premiums.

3. Usually, auto insurance companies will ask you if safety features are installed in your car. So before purchasing auto insurance, install safety devices in your car such as air bags, anti-lock brakes, and seatbelts. Your car will not only be safer, you have a higher chance of getting cheap California auto insurance.

4. Are you still a teen college student? If your answer is yes, getting good grades and aiming for those A’s and B’s in school can get you cheap California auto insurance.

5. It’s better if you have a garage where you can park your car if you’re looking forward to purchase a cheap California auto insurance. Installing anti-theft devices in your car makes it less likely to get stolen making you a low risk car insurance policy holder which in turn, can get you car insurance discounts.

Cheap California Auto Insurance Tip Number 3:

Get the right tools for the right job.
Get the right tools for the right job.

The 10 Cheap California Auto Insurance Tips And Tricks

6. If you are below 25 and you’re really desperate to get a cheap California auto insurance, get married! Yes, it’s funny but this is true. Auto insurance companies categorize married auto insurance policy holders as low risk drivers because married people are a lot responsible and safer on the road.

7. Make sure you are paying bills on time to acquire cheap California auto insurance. Auto insurance companies offer discounts for people who have a good credit history.

8. Auto insurance companies also check the car’s age, its make and model, and your accident history if you have one. Expect high-end and luxury cars to have higher auto insurance rates. Drive less flashy cars to acquire discounts and cheap California auto insurance easily.

9. Choosing the right auto insurance coverage can help keep your cheap California auto insurance stay cheap. Avoid choosing $500 or less deductibles because doing so will increase your auto insurance rates. Use your own money for repairing small car damages which will help you save tons in the long run.

10. It is still best to shop around and compare auto insurance quotes whether online, over the phone or going to different auto insurance companies to make sure you’re buying a cheap California auto insurance with enough car coverage. Give accurate answers to the questions they will ask. You’d be surprised at the many factors the auto insurance companies look at to calculate what your premiums will be. Every calculation is different with every car insurance company.


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