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Students Can Make Money Online

Updated on May 8, 2011

Today even grade five students can make money online. This was not an option during our days. There are already many stories claiming millionaire students. There are otherwise hundreds and thousands of students all over the world that are already making money using innovative opportunities on the internet.

Those students that are worried how to make money online need not worry if they are reading this article. I will explain some easy methods so that they can legitimately make money.

OK, so here we go!!!

Can you give two hours each day? If yes, continue reading…

Making money online is not as difficult as you might think, or as you might have been told. You neither need to spend a single penny to make money online.

Supposing you are the kind of student that is interested in reading books, you can make money out of this habit. Alternatively, you may have any other passion and yet you can make money if only you learn how to sell your passion online.

You may decide to have your own website that demonstrates your passion for books or any other thing you might be interested in. Even if you do not want to have your website, it’s perfectly ok, you can still learn to make money. But let me tell you, you can have your website up and running in no more than half an hour. You can learn it


The kind of money making that I am trying to teach here is known as internet marketing. Under this method, you try to promote and sell any product that you are passionate about either through the medium of your own website or even without your website. The product can be your own or someone else’s. When you sell someone else’s products you’re known as affiliate marketer.

Assuming you are interested in books, you might like to become an affiliate at or Barnes and Nobles or any other mega book store online. You simply go and register there. They would give you a link. You may use the link in the articles you write on your own website or in the hundreds of articles directories available online. Any reader that reads your article, clicks on the link and purchases online profits you for you get your commission. Book is just one example, there are thousands of products you can choose from.

Now you can see, how easy it is to work online for students that can make money online. The conceptual and theoretical part of it is damn easy but when you begin putting it in action, you may realize there are lots of things to learn such as how to write unique and original articles, what products to choose to promote, how to attract visitors that may read your articles, how much to work, how much you can make in how many days and so on and so forth.

Yet, there is no denying that students can make money online provided they are interested and dedicated enough to devote a part of their time to learning and applying what they learn into practice till they actually begin making money like clockwork.


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