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To assess a success story: Suburban life

Updated on July 21, 2012

photo of outskirt of the Guwahati City

To assess a success story: Suburban life

“I need a flat/house/plot of land in Guwahati. It may be small but it’s an important requirement of life. I am a family holder and doing service in Oil sector and posted in a small town Digboi. I have a son and for his future I am very concerned. As he is growing up very fast (now in class VI) I need to buy a property urgently. I get company quarter and all other relevant facilities here but according to my wife and well wishers to have a property in Guwahati is the only sign to prove that I have at least achieved something in life. So the quest goes on and I will be satisfied only when I will possess a property in Guwahati and does not matter even if it means a house loan to be paid now onwards in EMIs.” Do these sentences/thoughts sound very familiar?

Definitely the answer is assertive. Everywhere in Assam (North Eastern State of India) this is a very common story one can hear. In the above example it is the thought of a person working in Oil sector and based in a small industrial town, Digboi. But it may be the contemplation of anybody. He may be from anywhere in Assam or may be a business person or professional also. But the thinking may be same for everybody. It is kind of a standard now for measuring the success story of any working person in this part of the country. India is a developing nation and the general public everywhere is also leading quite a comfortable life compared to the predecessors. Assam is situated in the North Eastern Part of the Country. In recent time the economic condition of the country as a whole and the state in particular has gone up significantly. Not going into the detailed statistical data and figures available, it is taken to be a general overview about the whole aspect. The whole country has seen a drastic change in many areas for instance, Airlines industry. Earlier traveling by Air within the country was considered to be a kind of status symbol whereas in current situation even students who studies outside the state normally noticed to be traveled by Air. The holidaying trend in luxurious resorts was also in a rising trend. Beauty/ Wellness/Slimming Industry in India are witnessing a boom like never before. Rising Shopping malls are giving a complete facelift to the very culture of shopping in the whole region. Real Estate Sector is experiencing the most favorable time. The hospitality, medical, education, transport etc sectors are all in growing tendency. So thus is the description we have to present in front of anybody from outside our country to give an introduction about the present socio-economic status of the public in our state.

Now the next question one going to face is very evident, “so, Guwahati is the most happening place in the region as all are dreaming to have their own property in that place?”. That is the most interesting question so far. The reply to the question is presented below for a brief thought to ponder who can spare time to go through.

The City of Guwahati is the gateway to the seven states of the North Eastern Region of India. Guwahati city is the state capital of Assam. It has got a population of around 1,498,659 as per official census report for 2012 and the land area of the city is 556 Sq KM – Metropolitan (Source - Wikipedia). So here is a city definitely one needs a property for many other attractive facts.

So here goes my dream city Guwahati, a beautiful city illustriously situated at the bank of the Mighty Red River Brahmaputra. The City has beautiful hills as well to attract everybody. But the sad part is that when the City has the big river flowing throughout the people here face the problem of receding water level and often has to buy water for daily use. But then yes, I dream to own a property here.

The growing pollution level creates unbearable hot days and people in Guwahati pray for rain. We get rain for continuous three hours at least which is purely soothing for the sweltering heat. But then the rain moves the City totally out of gear and there is inconceivable flash flood everywhere and water logged roads. The main artery of the City, the GS road will wittily lie low under water to panic strike the city crowd after a mere one hour not-so-heavy rain even. Nevertheless, my dream for the flat/house goes strong.

Guwahati, the main city of the entire region and city swims in darkness for hours at night currently. Inverter batteries hardly get to recharge. Though same is the situation of almost all the places of the State but then all the towns and places don’t wear the crown of being the “Gateway to the North Eastern Region”. Yet I wish to have my dream house here in the great city of Guwahati.

The narrow roads which cobweb across the city are many times not enough to cross two small cars. The credit goes to the concerned authority for the utter unplanned way to let grow the unsystematic labyrinth of the concrete buildings everywhere. There is hardly any drainage system in place and whatever is being made is not planned in futuristic purview. But that cannot change my dream of course.

There are efforts to develop and beautify the city no doubt but then the problem of worse road condition, poor sanitation scenario etc persists. Many times there will be boats on the road to rescue people for the ridiculous water logging for rain. Before election the political propaganda will be to change all the problematic areas but may be the political big collars afraid to lose the usual problems as there will be intricate issues to make new promises to the public! But the measurement of success in the society hardly changes.

These can easily be problem of other cities as well but then it’s painful when everybody dreams to own a house to better their life amongst so many rising negative nuances across the cities. General people just aim to own their dream house taking loan burden for the life for the future of their children whilst the rising prices of the real estate sector is saddening with false promise of a much colored picture. The city may differ with different people from different area with the differences in conditions as well. But the truth stands. The rising rates of the dwelling houses should maintain a healthy ratio of rising standard of living for the proper growth of the general public. Basically the futuristic growth of a city should be apprehension of the concerned authority before permitting the many required permission for buildings etc.

However, my dream persists. There is the question of my son’s future as well. So again I go house hunting. Any lead or help in this regard is most welcome ….:-)

[P. S. This piece of work is written for my hubby Apurba. A mere attempt to answer your questions and thoughts for so long you were brooding.]


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    • dghbrh profile image

      deergha 5 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

      Thanks for your kind visit and precious comment here.

      Its much appreciated

      I always like to read your hubs and that's why i took the privilege to mention your name in my hub on completion of 50th hub here( i wish and hope you wont mind for that, Rahul)

    • rahul0324 profile image

      Jessee R 5 years ago from Gurgaon, India

      Now that is the scenario with most of the family holders... the most important priority for them is ti secure a good name and a bright future for their families...

      holding a property like land in India brings you status and name... It does elsewhere too... but here the hype is high....

      Owning land means a secure future as the rates will only tend to increase...

      I was particularly intrigued by your hub

    • profile image

      IntegrityYes 5 years ago

      You are very welcome.

    • dghbrh profile image

      deergha 5 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

      Thank you so much for voting up and going through the hub.

    • profile image

      IntegrityYes 5 years ago

      I voted up !