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Suddenly website visitor has dropped

Updated on May 2, 2012

Website Visitors Dropped

Have your website visitors suddenly dropped? Have your website ranking is drastically pushing back to the last page of the search result? There are various reasons that causing the problem. In the recent Google penguin update, Google started penalizing website for their spamy link building process. Many webmasters are misusing the google policy and they are taking their involvement in purchasing link from high PR websites. Buying link is against google guideline. If google crawler notice that your website have paid link or link from bad neighborhood then it will effect on your search engine ranking. You need to prepare yourself for algorithm changes.

The best thing is to avoid such penalization is to revamping your web site as per google guideline. Try to make your website Google friendly. If you purchased any bad link so remove it instantly before google recognizes it. They have automated software functionally accurate for finding paid link. The next process you should follow is adding a webmaster tool on your website. The Google webmaster tool has good features to help your website to finding such links. Google itself tells you which link is harmful for your search engine ranking.

The good webmaster take cares of each and every aspect of their website. You should check webmaster tool, analytics tools and your search engine position everyday to be in the competitions. Google is making 10 changes every day and it will directly impact on your keyword ranking. Search engine ranking monitoring is also a part of online marketing. The getting top position will lead your business in the core market. Your leads will dramatically get increased when your website ranks on top position.

So never ignore search engine ranking because it will surely pay you.


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    • prashant32 profile image

      Prashant Gorule 5 years ago

      Follow below process, maybe it will help you to rank high.

      1] Publish unique content on your website. The best thing to keep your website active is adding a blog on your site.

      2] Content is the king so writing high quality content will attract online visitors.

      3] Google recently recommended everyone to remove content or text from your website which looks like fake commitment given by you to your customers. You need to be genuine with your customers.

      4] Optimize your website by using best on page optimization strategy. On page is now becoming a basic need for every website. Google now scans each and every html code available on your website. So the on page content is the most important aspect needs to take in consideration while promoting your website.

      5] Providing complete details on your website. Your visitors should get what they are looking for.

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      Maybe you could tell us how to get this information from Google to optimize our websites and hubs.