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Communicate Your Career Goals Openly

Updated on March 17, 2015

Communication Communication

There’s too much mental telepathy at work these days.

Imagine how much easier it would be if everyone simply stated what they wanted. Rather than making grand assumptions about other people’s motives, we might actually start getting our needs met.

Lies seem to be the in thing. It has no origin, and has lost its actual source and flavor. Nowadays, a lie is so obvious, something to be made mockery of. It sucks.

Hey, I didn't say that...... Say what ?

Well then it may have been somebody else’s soliloquy, but I feel your anger. This is the usual form of conversation these days

It's become very difficult to function with images nowadays, i.e., on a virtual reality basis.

Communicate Often And Open

More Feedback From Management

Surprising as it may seem, many managers fail to give their employees feedback and guidance. Instead of sitting and waiting for it, be proactive – approach your manager and say, “From time to time I’d like to stop in to get some feedback from you on how I’m doing. This should at least be a wake up call to your manager that he or she isn’t giving you enough information.

Don’t spend another day in quiet desperation. Ask for what you want but also be prepared to demonstrate value.

Do You Want More Money?

If you like your job then go to your manager and request him for a performance appraisal as you would like to expand your responsibilities.

You may have some ideas about which areas you would like to get into. Maybe you have some hidden skills in another area that your employer could use but does not know you have. You may need to go back to school or even transfer out of the department to grow your responsibilities but you won’t make more money until you are worth more and can add more value.

Honest feedback is what everyone wants and yet few people know how to give. Adopt a philosophy that you want to help people and one of the best ways to do that is to tell them the truth about what is getting in their way.

Expecting to be paid more because you’ve been there a long time just won’t cut it.

Do Not Use Mind Control Against Your Employees

Mind Control - A Gun To The Head

Mind control is also known as manipulation, thought reform, brainwashing, mental control, coercive persuasion, malignant use of group dynamics, and many others. The fact that there are so many names indicates a lack of agreement which allows for confusion and distortion (especially by those using it covertly for their own benefit!!)

It's best to think of it as a system of influences that significantly disrupts an individual at their very core, at the level of their identity (their values, beliefs, preferences, decisions, behaviors, relationships etc.) creating a new pseudo-identity or pseudopersonality).

Manipulators are fond of saying that no-one is holding a gun to the manipulated person's head, and this is powerful in two ways. To the outsider who does not understand mind control, it is difficult to argue with.

For the manipulated person, they know that this is true, no-one has actually held a gun to their head, so it reinforces the idea that they have decided for themselves. And decisions we have made ourselves are much more powerful and the effects last longer, so it further propels the manipulated person deeper into the reality created by the mind control.

Mind control is a "process by which individual or collective freedom of choice and action is compromised by agents or agencies that modify or distort perception, motivation, affect, cognition and/or behavioral outcomes" and he suggests that everyone is susceptible to such manipulation.

Manipulators can have various possible motivations, including but not limited to:

  • the need to advance their own purposes and personal gain at virtually any cost to others
  • a strong need to attain feelings of power and superiority in relationships with others
  • a want and need to feel in control (aka. control freak)
  • a desire to gain a feeling of power over others in order to raise their perception of self-esteem
  • boredom, or growing tired of his/her surroundings, seeing it as a game more than hurting others

Control never works. Unless you’re dealing with a child and even then control tactics only causes resistance.

It can also be used in beneficial ways, for example with addicts, but here we are talking about situations that are inherently bad or unethical.

You’re not running a boot camp, you’re running an organization. Begin by trusting that employees, by nature, want to do good work. Be available to give them advice.

Laugh Always

Laughter Is The Best Medicine For You

Laughter is contagious. So, when you’re happy and you’re laughing it rubs off on people as everyone has a sense of humor, although few use it to the maximum.

It is the most powerful thing that we have been given and it is our greatest gift, especially if we can "laugh at ourselves".

When you make fun of what frightens you, you get a mastery over it and gain control.

So go ahead, act silly.. Let yourself act silly and share it.

When you throw your head back and laugh, you’re not thinking of anything else.

So, here is an anecdote for the day ....

It's a beautiful spring day and a man and his wife are at the zoo. She's got on a close-fitting, low-cut, summer dress with spaghetti straps. As they walk through the ape exhibit, and pass in front of a very large gorilla, it goes ape.

He jumps up on the bars, he grunts, he pounds his chest. He is obviously excited at the sight of the young lady in the sundress. The husband, noticing the ape’s excitement, suggests that his wife tease the ape.

The husband suggests that she pucker her lips and wiggle her bottom.... She does, and Mr. Gorilla gets even more excited, making noises that would wake the dead...

Then her husband suggests that she let one of the straps of her dress slips down....She does and Mr. Gorilla is about to tear down the bars....

Her husband suggests she lift her dress up her thighs and she does. This about drives Mr. Gorilla crazy....

Then quickly the husband grabs his wife, rips open the door to the cage, flings her inside with the gorilla, slams the door shut and gleefully rubbing his hands together says...... Now, tell him you have a headache................. !!

Laughter is the best thing you can do for your health.

Laughter, along with an active sense of humor, may help protect you against a heart attack, according to a recent study by cardiologists at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. The study, which is the first to indicate that laughter may help prevent heart disease, found that people with heart disease were 40 percent less likely to laugh in a variety of situations compared to people of the same age without heart disease.

"The old saying that 'laughter is the best medicine,' definitely appears to be true when it comes to protecting your heart," says Michael Miller, M.D., director of the Center for Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center and associate professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

So, the old saying that 'laughter is the best medicine' definitely appears to be true.

So, go ahead and just appreciate the importance of laughter...


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    • Neil Ashworth profile image

      George Poe 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Great hub! I was about to leave a serious thought until I read the last part and now you have me laughing out loud affiliater.

      I voted this one up and funny also.. well done!