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Are You Doing Enough To Maximize Your Profits While Selling On Ebay?

Updated on July 14, 2011

Making a sale on ebay can be a very thrilling experience. Sometimes too thrilling. Many new ebay sellers are so excited about making a sale that they don't bother to try new techniques to maximize their profits. To them, if a profit is made, they are happy. But there is a way to gain more from your sales, and that way is to reduce your seller fees.

It is true that ebay fees have risen these past couple of years, and some sellers don't like it. But think about it from ebays perspective. If you are providing a program that allows people to benefit from its services, would you want to keep giving it away for free, or are you going to charge for it?

It is standard business 101

There is no white hat way to avoid paying ebay fees, but there are steps you can take to minimize what you have to pay.

The More Pictures The Better- Host Your On Photos While Selling On Ebay

One way to minimize you fees is to join a free image hosting website. Ebay allows you to post one picture of your item for free but you will be charged for additional pictures. If you have an ebay store, you are given a certain amount of free picture storage. But if you sell frequently, you can quickly run out of space. Sites such as and offer free image hosting servies.

hosting your own pictures is very beneficial because you can post as many pictures as you want of your items. Customers love pictures because they get to see exactly what they are purchasing.

Be Careful When Setting Starting Prices For Your Items

Take care when setting your starting price for your items because you could be charged more for insertion fees, especially if you are selling multiple items. An item with a starting price of $30 incurs a 25 cents more insertion fee than if you had started at $29.99. This is a tip that many new ebay sellers fail to take advantage of.

A chart of insertions fees for particular price ranges can be found on ebay's website. Be sure to take a look at this and know your limit thresholds. You can end up saving more money

You Can Save Money By Selling In Bulk

Selling multiple quantities of your items can help you save on ebay fees. Options such as second chance offers and dutch auctions allow you to do this.

Second chance offers allows you to sell more than one item from a single listing. In effect, allowing to save on the listing fee for additional sales. Remember that when using second chance offers, you are making a trade off between price and sales volume, as second chance offers are lower than the items final price.

The same definition applies to dutch auctions, it allows you to sell multiple items off a single listing.

Don't Be Trigger Happy When Choosing Listing Upgrades

Listing upgrades are an added bonus to spice up your auctions. You are given bonuses like a picture pack for your items, inserting a subtitle for your title and more. But be careful, they should not be used unless there are improving your sales. The reason is because you are charged a fee for each listing upgrade you use, and if you get carried away you can end up spending a lot of money.

This should be well noted by new ebay sellers. Some people read about how upgrades get your auctions notice and they mistakenly assume that it is required for auctions to be successful. This speculation hasn't been proven. A listing upgrade might work for one person's auction but it might not work for another. Which is why it is best to test things out and see what works best for you.

What Tips Do You Use To Reduce Your Fees?

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