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what was the salary increment in 2010 for India?

Updated on December 19, 2010

I was trying to gauge the salary increment for India for 2010 and realized that there wasn't any direct way to know.

There are some articles (I have linked to them below) but here is something I found.

naukri did some research and came up with this:

  • 4% said they gave out less than 5% salary increment
  • 25% said they gave out 5 - 10%  salary increment
  • 60% said they gave out 10% - 20% salary increment
  • And only 10% got more than 20% salary increment

According to Hewitt Associated Salary Increase Study

Compared with 2009, when the average salary increase weighed in at 6.6% partly due to the freeze on increments, the expected average increase in the monthly pay cheques for 2010 will be 10.6%, according to the findings of a Hewitt Associated Salary Increase Study.

According to Mercer

Employees in the automobile, pharma and consumer products sectors can expect pay hikes of 12% while those in IT & telecom and financial services are likely to see their salaries rise by an average 10-11% in 2010. This year, these sectors had rewarded staff with pay hikes ranging from 5% to 9%. 

So I guess, If you got less than 10% increment this year, you should feel bad or work on what to do about it.

Also, if you got more 20% salary increment, you should feel pretty good about it.  You are what they call a 'Star Performer' and you must realize that you have more to prove next year.


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