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Why You Should Avoid Turnkey Websites

Updated on November 2, 2015

What Is a Turnkey Website

I would like to talk to you today about Turnkey websites and how many of these sites are nothing more than a waste of your time and money.

A turnkey website is what you would call an out of the box business. It is a website that already has a domain name, website template and content already published,

These site are promoted usually for sale as a profitable and viable business for any one wanting to get online fast and start making money. What this lens is going to bring to your attention is why you should avoid turnkey websites if you want to have a profitable business online.

free turnkey websites
free turnkey websites

Free Turnkey Websites

When Free is Not Really Free

With so many people coming to the internet seeking fame and fortune there has been huge increase in the promotion of Free Turnkey websites.

Well the unfortunate fact is there is no such thing on the internet as free there is always a catch. Regardless of what the offer is, you need to know that there are costs associated with hosting a website and even adding in the content to a turnkey website.

You might be thinking that the offer has stated free web hosting and you would be right but that will only be for a very limited time and it usually comes with a catch of having an add or even links to another site that you do not own or control.

The turnkey website provider will grant you a few months or even up to a year of free web hosting space for the turnkey website that you will receive. This will allow you to operate your website as soon as the purchase is completed.

Being online for more than ten years I have heard some real horror stories whereas a security measure you need to enter your credit card details only to find in a few months time that you are now paying a monthly fee for having agreed to a contract where you did not take the time to read the fine print.

Lets talk about the content on these turnkey websites, firstly being new to the internet you may not be aware about the implications of having duplicate content on a website. This is simply where your website and another website have the exact same content, what will happen is that only one of those sites will actually be indexed in the search engines making any other sites completely obsolete.

However the people selling or offering these turnkey sites seem to neglect that part of the story claiming only that content and sales materials are important because they will help attract more visitors to your website. In addition to that, they will also state that the content also makes your website visible to web crawlers so that it can be indexed in the database of search engines.

As you can see there are many different aspects you need to consider when you think you a getting a free turnkey website that is going to make you money online. You need to understand that at some stage you are going to have to pay for the hosting of the site as well as the domain name.

Good TurnKey Web Design
Good TurnKey Web Design

There is No Such Thing As A Good Turnkey Website Design

You Really Need To Be Aware When Going Down This Path

Look I'm not trying to be nasty or condescending here, but the only people looking for turnkey websites are those that often have little or no technical experience in web design and that is why they are vulnerable to making wrong choices when selecting a turnkey website design.

Many Of The Promises Are Just Not True

Many of the turnkey website sellers will try to make the offer very attractive by telling you that they have added in special programming and code as well as plugins if it is a WordPress template that are going to make your site irresistible to any search engines.

Then they will go into a spiel about the content and how it has all been specially optimized for the search engines and how you will get a great ranking fast. As you can see this all sounds fantastic to anyone that just does not know about search engines or marketing on the internet.

How Unique Is The Website?

A really fast way to find out whether or not the turnkey website you are thinking about buying is made up of duplicate content is to ask for a preview of the site and then simply copy and paste one paragraph of text into Google and see how many other sites are using the exact same content.

Side Note: before you start, check the terms provided by the vendor. Don't buy turnkey websites that you aren't allowed to update and customize to your liking - there are too many places that allow this to sell yourself short!

Making Your Turnkey Website Viable
Making Your Turnkey Website Viable

Making Your Turnkey Website Viable

This is for those that may have already purchased A Turnkey Website, Now I am Going To Show you how to customize it.

If you have already purchased a turnkey website then this will help you out of your predicament.

Setting up your website firstly without some kind of planning can hurt your chances of ever seeing any success let alone any commissions if you are an affiliate marketer.

Quick Tip: Turnkey websites are usually very attractive to newbie affiliates simply because they do not know any better.

Why You Will Be Punished In The Search Engines

For starters, Google really dislikes websites that don't have unique content. having duplicate content is going to hurt your search ranking, and in some cases you won't get indexed at all.

That's a lot of free traffic to lose out on. Also, duplicate websites on allowed on the Google AdWords platform.

There are a few smaller PPC platforms that will allow it, but ignoring Google is a shortsighted decision for anyone to make.

You may think that you saved a lot of money by buying a turnkey website, but in order to make the most of that statement you need to provide unique content and customize your site using a few simple steps.

Have A Look At The Products And Services You Are Offering

Hopefully for you sake the vendor who sold you the turnkey website actually did a little research and has not placed you smack bang into the middle of a very competitive market. The more competitive the more time it will take for you to see any profits due to having to compete and rang against thousands of other websites.

You also need to consider how up to date those products or services are in relation to your niche market. You need to check this out yourself and if you find something that is newer to your niche you should consider grabbing it and writing some unique content to place that on your site as well.

You need to also consider once you have made your site usable with in the search engines you may want to create you own products.

Fixing The Content

You might be thinking hang on why do i need to fix the content, there are heaps of pages of content that are all related to my niche.

And I can hear you, however that content is going to be on other websites that have been sold in this package deal you purchased.

With the content that has already been created you are going to have to make changes there is no avoiding it. It is strongly recommended that you take the content and re-write it into your own words and where possible adding in additional bonuses to make any offers you have more attractive.

You will definitely want to be adding more articles that have been written for the niche you are promoting making sure they are all unique content. Writing a handful of fresh articles will help your search engine rankings.

Another Option To Add Uniqueness Is Video

There are many ways you can add video to your site from finding related videos on YouTube to creating your own. To create your own videos you can use PowerPoint to lay the slides out and then record or you can re-purpose the content that came with the turnkey website and make a video that covers the same information.

Why Are Turnkey Websites So Attractive To New Affiliates?
Why Are Turnkey Websites So Attractive To New Affiliates?

Why Newbie Affiliate Marketers Tend To Fall For This

Why Are Turnkey Websites So Attractive To New Affiliates?

Most new affiliates do have some understanding of marketing in general and they also realize that the website they select is going to be the storefront or calling card of their affiliate business.

Actually they would be right, it is the most important aspect of their business when making products or services online and being seen as the authority.

They also understand to a point that their website needs to have strong content, professional looking graphics and a design that converts visitors into sales.

The Vendors Selling These Sites Also Know This

Their marketing spiel to any new affiliate they can find will go something like this. The best website is one that has been conversion tested.

To get a further understanding of what this means, conversion testing is a process where the website vendor sends traffic to a site and charts the percentage of visitors that purchase from the website.

What you really need is to the proof and not just traffic stats but what keywords are being used and whether or not that traffic converts to sales.

They will also tell you that it is a hands free business model and that all the content has been expertly SEO optimized to rank high in the search engines. If that were the case then you would see one hundred or more websites all listed as the number one site in the rankings. Its just not viable to even consider this as being truthful.

The turnkey websites are sold under the illusion of being cost effective that are created by experts for a fraction of the price they may cost if you use someone else to build it.

Regardless of what you are told about these types of websites you need to remember this...

Putting up a duplicate website (Turnkey Website) hurts your bottom line. It's harder to get a cloned website ranked in any of the search engines or permitted on PPC networks like Google Adwords.

Customizing a turnkey website - and doing it the right way - can really mean the difference between success and failure.

affiliate armory
affiliate armory

There Is Help Available To Get Iit Right The First Time

You don't have to fall into the some trap that many others have

When you first start out as an affiliate there is just to much information to take in and digest, actually it is down right confusing.

If you want to get of the bottom of the food chain, and sadly folks that where you are right now getting mislead by other marketers to buy turnkey websites that are never going to really help you achieve anything but frustration and disappointment for your efforts then...

You Need To Take Action!

This is not some affiliate offer I am showing it my own product that is packed full of all the tactics I use to create profitable websites and dominate the search engine rankings.

What You Are Going To Learn To Do Is This

  1. Find The Right Niche For Your Business
  2. How To Find The Right Buyer Keywords
  3. Good Web Design Practices Including Formatting
  4. Creating Effective Content For Maximum Impact
  5. Building Back Links An Evergreen Solution To Getting Solid Ranking
  6. A Complete SEO Checklist. Forget About All The Theories That Just Don't Work, Get It Right The First Time

There is no better time than now for you to act you can keep pouring money into an endless pit of bad advice and strategies that have long stopped working or you can make a decision Today to take action.

If you are sick and tired of making the same mistakes over and over again then this is a great opportunity for you to kick-start your own online business without the constant frustration of failure and pouring money into an endless pit of could work solutions.

Have You Used A TurnKey Website System? - If you have used any turnkey websites we would like to hear from you!

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