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Women's Briefcase

Updated on April 8, 2013

Women in business, management or executive positions or in fact in any professional job or business need the means to keep all their important paperwork and business related documentation and stationary together. A briefcase is the perfect item for this, although most men's briefcases are a little too, well, masculine for many women!

That's why there are women's briefcase ranges available from many manufacturers that take the standard briefcase to the next level of design and style and create the perfect accompaniment to any woman's professional attire.

This Hub Page takes a look at briefcases for women and see where they differ from those made especially for men and what their advantages and disadvantages are for the working woman in whatever field of work she may be in.

The modern working woman can easily be distinguished by her outfits, her outward confidence and the many professional accessories he carries, such as her briefcase. A leather briefcase can be both an accessory and a functional tool for those women in the business place, who may work with large corporate companies with high profiles. To show that she is seriously committed towards professionalism and the dynamics of the market place, a professional image is essential.

However, often because she is a woman, men in professional positions will tend not to view her as an equal unless she has twice as much gumption as anyone else in the room.

There is the advantage of having that feminine touch to leather designer brief cases and the visual result takes on the form of style and variety. Who said briefcases had to be boring?

Women's Briefcase Success Statement

A women briefcase is certainly able to define the level of success that has been achieved by its owner in her field. So when choosing a briefcase, you need to be proficient in the art of selection enough to ensure that you choose a really superior quality women's business briefcase for yourself. Just so you can do this, here are some tips:

  • Choose a women's briefcase that has enough space to hold a laptop computer as well as office files, books, stationery and any other items you may want to carry
  • Be professional in your approach when choosing the colour of a briefcase. You don't want it to be too loud in colour, unless you are in the fashion or advertising industry. At the same time you don't want it to leave a dull, boring impression
  • The material that a briefcase is manufactured from is a factor that must be considered when making a purchase. Leather is a favourite for sure, but women briefcases can also be equally professional looking in other materials such as nylon or metals
  • Select a briefcase that fits with the nature of your chosen profession.
  • A frequent traveller needs a briefcase that can serves the dual purpose of business case and travel bag. Also, the briefcase must have sufficient strength and security in its fastenings so that it will withstand lots of wear and tear.

Whatever you decide, as long as you feel good carrying your briefcase, it matches yoru outfit, it holds all the things you need it to and you are certain that it creates that professional look, then that's the right women's briefcase for you.


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