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Leather Laptop Briefcase

Updated on August 15, 2009

If you are a laptop computer owner and you use it as it was meant to be used, which is for taking outdoors and using while on the go, then you will need a good, protective leather laptop briefcase in which to carry it around in. Let's face it, the safety of your laptop, which could have potentially cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds, should not be left to chance.

There are a multitude of different types of laptop case available for doing the job of protecting your laptop from knocks and other accidental damage, while keeping it safe from the weather, pollution, dust and any accidental splashing it might get from some idiot's hosepipe who isn't paying attention to watering his window boxes from above!

So this Hub Page takes a look at the high end of laptop portability safety, which is the leather laptop briefcase for the ultimate in laptop security and safety!

The Importance of Laptop Protection

Protecting your laptop while you are on the go is of paramount importance especially if your laptop is the central hub of your business. To lose important data or files pertaining to your business because some idiot knocks a drink all over it can be devastating. It can also be preventable by housing your laptop in a suitably tough and liquid resistant leather laptop briefcase.

Buying a Leather Laptop Briefcase

There are plenty of brand name briefcases on the market and choosing the right one for you comes down to a few important points that you'll have to ask yourself such as:

  • What is my price range and why shouldn't I exceed the maximum I set for myself?
  • Do I want a designer briefcase label or will a generic one fit my needs?
  • What colour would I prefer?
  • How tough does the briefcase need to be?
  • Will my laptop fit into the briefcase?
  • Will there be room for laptop accessories inside the briefcase?

That last point will include things like a spare battery, an external hard drive, pen drives, CDs/DVDs, bluetooth equipment, power supply cable and maybe some extra stationery like a pen, paper, highlighting pen etc. Think of what you normally use when you are doing business on your laptop and then will there be room inside the briefcase for it all.

Leather Laptop Briefcase Advantages

There are many advantages to owning a good quality leather laptop brief case that far outweigh the cost of buying one. Of course the main function of a laptop case is to protect the computer inside, but there are other not so obvious advantages to keeping your treasured laptop safe in its own leather laptop case.

The first is safety in numbers. Briefcases all look pretty much alike to the untrained eye and most briefcases only contain a few pieces of paper, pens and the owners lunch! To a thief looking to steal a laptop, they wouldn't know that your briefcase held a laptop unless they saw you with it open. They will be more likely to target a laptop owner who has not got any form of case, or one who is carrying an obvious laptop bag.

Then there is idiot proofing the security of your laptop from people who might inadvertently pick yours up my mistake if it were in a generic laptop case. A leather laptop briefcase does not look like most laptop cases, so you have that on your side.

Ok, this is not a security issue, but a professional one. If you turn up to an important business meeting with your laptop in a leather briefcase and your colleague turns up to the same meeting with his or her laptop in a generic laptop bag, which one of you do you think the boss is going to notice for the next promotion? Or if you are both vying for the same big client deal, who do you think the client is going to be more disposed to sign on the dotted line with?

A leather laptop briefcase says "I'm a professional" and exudes class and style. A generic bag does not!

The only real disadvantage with a leather laptop briefcase is the weight. They weigh more than a comparable cloth or composite laptop case, so if you have a long way to walk, be prepared to swap hands often!

However, the physical protection and security provided by a good quality leather laptop bag far outweighs any disadvantage by a mile, so if one of these is within your price range, go get one!


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