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The Evil That Lurks in the Work Fridge Part 2: Dudes that Eat Your Food!

Updated on January 8, 2012
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It Happens at Every Office

Every office has at least one: a dude that will eat your food. You are looking forward to your delicious leftovers from the day before and when you look in the work fridge - GONE! Why does this happen? I can't pretend to understand what is going on in the thief's head, but I can give you some examples, some possible solutions, and some ideas for revenge.

Acceptable Food Theft Moments

Stealing food is never a good thing, but there are times when it is acceptable. For instance, if your company is buying lunch for everyone and there are leftovers, by all means, take some of that stuff. It is up for grabs. Also, if your job really does not pay that well, this may be your opportunity to get a free lunch and a free dinner for that night. Sometimes that is the only way to make ends meet. So dig in!

An exception to that rule is when everyone is still getting their lunch, but the food thief is taking two plates. Please remember, let everyone get their food first. After everyone is through with their lunch then you can pack a second plate. If there is a lot of food, break out the tupperware. I am telling you, free food is sometimes one of the only highlights in the workday.


That's My Name on that Food!

Keep in mind, when using the work fridge you must put your name on every item or someone may just take it.  Don't just think everyone is honest, because they are not.  Every office has food thieves.  You could probably interview people at the white house and I'll bet there are even a few there.  Also, sometimes you bring in the same products your co-workers eat, too.  I am pretty sure I ended up eating other people's yogurt and they probably ate mine just because we all eat Yoplait.  Those are honest mistakes.

Not so honest mistakes occur all the time and it is completely ridiculous.  If I put a lunch bag in the fridge and someone opens it and eats my apple, shame on them!  What is wrong with people?  Also, if I order pizza and I don't invite you to have a slice, don't eat a slice as soon as my back is turned.  Now I don't have lunch for tomorrow.  Jerk!

Nothing is Sacred

You might think the work fridge theft is pretty bad and it can't get any worse.  But it does.  There are those that will take something out of your desk while you are out of the office.  If I leave in a banana in the desk and it starts to rot while I'm out sick, PLEASE open the desk drawer and trash it.  I thank you.  If, however, I put a banana in my desk drawer and I go to a meeting, it better be there when I come back.  If not, I am going to hunt you down and scream at you.  What is wrong with people?  That takes some nerve.  We are all broke and hungry in this economy; theft is not the answer.

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Solutions and Revenge

As I said earlier, it helps to clearly mark your food in the fridge. That should prevent honest people from stealing from you. For the dishonest among us, I have some other ideas.

First, lock the desk drawer when you leave for an extended period of time. You should do that anyway. There are probably way more important items in that desk than just food.

Second, start posting notes on the refrigerator regarding the theft. You can also send an all staff email. Shaming this person may help the situation.

Often co-workers have a good idea who the culprit is stealing the food anyway. Sometimes if you have figured it out, you need to confront the person. Occasionally management may need to get involved. Maybe the co-worker is really starving and needs some assistance. Although I can honestly say it is usually the very person that can afford food that is taking food.

Finally, the last resort is revenge. I've heard of all types of revenge. Spitting in food is extremely childish, but so are most things that go on in offices. Even if the victim does not realize they just ate spit, it usually makes the spitter pretty happy. Planting a fake meal in the fridge with some laxatives added will usually teach the thief to stop, too. Sure it is mean, but they are stealing and a lesson needs to be taught. Another good idea is just to plant something really disgusting in food you think the thief is likely to steal. Lots of salt in a dessert is usually a good one.

Some Parting Words

I know we still don't have too many answers on why people eat all your food, but at least the list of solutions and revenge ideas should be helpful. I hope you've enjoyed this hub. If you are a food thief, stop doing it. Everyone knows it is you and you're an embarrassment. If you are a victim, sorry. I can relate.

Just remember, someone taking your food is not the worst thing that could ever happen. Sometimes your co-workers are just hungry. Furthermore, it is not always your co-workers. I've heard of cleaning crews stealing food as well. So don't just assume it is always your hungry co-worker.

Please visit the first installment of The Evil that Lurks in the Work Fridge -

Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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