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Updated on November 25, 2011

This is a large regional bank headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and offers a full suite of financial products and services for both off-line and online banking customers. If need be, you can enroll in your own financial internet account and then you can gain access to your financial accounts and manage your assets, debts and make bill payments over the internet. Personal bank services is something this bank company strives to provide to all of their clients.

Regions Financial Corporation is a member of the S&P 100 Index and with over $142 billion in assets is one of the largest full service bank providers. Their core business is built around consumer, small business and commerical banking products and services. Their branches and banking locations concentrate in the South and across the Midwest and they operate about 1,900 banking offices. Their product selection ranges from traditional checking and savings accounts to loans, credit cards, lines of credit, trust banking, retirement products, cds, securities and more. The bank's official website is at Online Banking

Regions Financial Corporation began in 1971 and started out as the First Alabama Bancshares, Inc. They built a solid foundation and began to grow. Building up branches and merging with additional bancshare companies they continued to grow. In 2006 they started the rather large merger with Amsouth Bank. Once that merger was completed with Amsouth, it made Regions Bank one of the top bank holding companies the country.

Regions Bank for Account Management

With your online ID and password you will be able to access your account and do your online banking and bill payments across the internet all from their official website. It is safe and convenient. It is also a time saver as you can manage your accounts and assets anytime from anywhere, 24/7. The increasing popularity of doing and conducting financial business across the internet shows here as it is easy to manage all of your checking accts, savings, CDs, loan accounts and other personal banking as needed.

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