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Zujava A Get Paid To Write Website

Updated on April 30, 2013

Writing Online

With hearing all the praise about Zujava I had to check out the new get to paid to write site. I have been writing online through various similar websites since 2007 and went through more then a few. Some websites I have tried has been great, some okay and some not worth my time.

But one thing I have grown to understand that if you are writing for a living online it is best not to just write for one website but a few plus maybe a blog of your own.

Currently I just signed up for Zujava and plan to write two articles a week there for at least a few months. I will use this page as a way to keep track of progress and to see if Zujava is worth spending more time with. Check back to see my progress.

updated 4/30/12

The Set Up

What I have done so far:

Zujava is a little more time consuming when starting then some of the get paid to write websites I have used. Although that is not really a bad thing. For this site you must write three articles before you become a approved writer and have your articles published.

After approved you have a little more free range and do not have a limit on how much you can write. Most of the other sites do not require any such approval, although if they did maybe there would not be such a big issue with spam and unreadable content.

I just set up my Zujava account today and am currently working on writing my three articles to be reviewed. So far the process of writing is no difficult then any other site I have been on and the directs are pretty straight forward.

How To's

Below are a few simple guides that may help with the writing process on Zujava.

Have You Tried Zujava Yet? - Do you know of other new paid to write websites that are worth writing for?

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