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1 Year hub-versary!

Updated on October 26, 2010
A beautiful perfect rose for the HUB TEAM
A beautiful perfect rose for the HUB TEAM

October 22nd 2007 a day in history... my history that is, a year ago I found my new home away from home. HUBPAGES. To give you the long tour (the short one is just too boring ...I've always wanted to be a writer, even when I was a kid.) Honestly how sad and boring of a sentence is that.

Okay let's get to the long drawn out version...

I can remember when I was 9 years old, at my birthday party, a friend of my Moms asked me "Susi what do you want to be when you grow up?" (I really hated to be called Susi, whoops, almost went off on a tangent again)

My answer to her was that I was going to be a writer and that I had just started to write a book. Astrid her daughter, a 'namby-pamby-prissy-10year-old-snoot' who was 'always-perfectly-clean-and-tidy-soon-to-become-my-arch-enemy' started to laugh "...well what's the title of your book? How to climb trees and dig for worms?" From that day on she was always a pain in the watoosy, teasing me (hold the presses here, quick---quick---where can I find a psychiatrist and a couch I need to talk this, this up till now suppressed memory over... Well what do you know, me being slightly loopy, okay okay majorly loopy, really wasn't my mother's fault? Isn't it always the mother's fault?) I knew it, it was that Astrid's fault. Honestly I ask you how many 10 year olds do you know that can walk around in pastel frilly dresses without getting even the tiniest schmutz onto themselves. (well, until I came around, with a nice soppy mudball that is... Do I need say more?)

There is one of my famous tangents again. To be able to write has always been that elusive dream. You know the kind of dream, the one 'when I have time..., when I retire..., when I have someone who can take care of me...' kind . There were a lot of rocky roads in front of me that kept me from being able to spend enough time with pen and paper, a failed abusive marriage was just one of them.

Having been able to raise my children to become fantastic upstanding adults was the only reason why I didn't begrudge the many hours spent fixing, patching and making other peoples clothes for more than thirty years. With just a little side step at returning to college in the late eighties to take Mechanical Engineering-Drafting and flunking miserably on the one last credit needed (Thermo-dynamic, the cursed). Then the surprise package, my third baby arrived, and instead of pretending to give a royal hoot at how the fridge or air-conditioner works I decided to give up on getting that last credit. I re-started my sewing business and stayed with it till just a couple of years ago. Then a total life altering thing occurred, the building that housed my tailor shop burned to the ground taking with it all I had. Having been under-insured and just being too tired to battle still more, killed the thoughts of reopening.

There you have it all in a nutshell, looking for work on-line I became totally infatuated with the Internet. My baby moving away to college had given me all the time in the world, day and night, to access all that knowledge stored inside my 'typewriter-with-a-screen' and no matter how much I read it never empties.

E-bay became my first on-line addiction. Surveys, however do not do a thing for me, even though I tried my best. Then the carrot of freelance writing jobs led me to... you guessed it... HUBPAGES.

A year later even though still not tech-savvy I have 80 hubs, surprisingly quite a few of them are showing up on the first pages of Google. I have been able to get some writing jobs which do bring in a very slow dribble of pennies each month.

But, (there is always a BUT) I can honestly say that my major love will always be Hubpages. The opportunity of making friends while being allowed to throw words together that some people actually read is just so awesome and totally humbling.

So that brings me around full circle. When I grow up I want to be a writer... I am working on a book. Guess what, it has parts about climbing trees and digging for worms in it. (...take that in your smoke and pipe it Astrid)


Thank you

A great big THANK YOU to the HUB TEAM for all the help they have given me over the past year. Without them and this simple way of setting up hubs I would still be sharpening my pencils. (I bet my kids would say that I would still be prepping the cave walls for my cave drawings)

And then a very huge enormeously humangeous THANK YOU to all of you who have read my hubs and boosted my ego.

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